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How to Reduce Bounce Rates on Your Blog

Higher bounce rate of your blog is a negative sign for the future of your website. Learn how to reduce bounce rates on you blog.

Here is an analysis for you regarding bounce rate. We will deal with it in a systematic method so that all those novices reading this article may gather comprehensive knowledge as to what bounce rate is and how that can be reduced.

About Bounce Rate

It is of paramount importance that you understand what bounce rate is. Sometimes you will notice that as soon as you visit a link, you are tempted to go immediately go back. Probably the blog has high rated advertisements or bright colors that hurt your eye, or probably the time taken to launch the page was slow- all these factors lead to your moving away from the webpage. This is what bounce is you can well gauge the import of such a problem- losing your clients and probable customers.

Bad Bounce Rate

Google cites that, on an average, the bounce rate is close to forty per cent and so the bounce rate around that point is well permissible. A bounce rate close to seventy is bad, but again, remarkably low bounce rate means that there are too few visitors to the site. Again it is essential that you analyze the source of your traffic. If the direct links are providing you with the visitors then concentrate on the content of the links. Keep updating them, but in case people are coming through search engines the bounce rate implies that your website lacks the desirable content. In this case, you will have to alter the tags and keywords.

Reasons for High Bounce Rate how to reduce bounce rates on your blog

Here are some reasons for high bounce rate. If you have a high limit, then may be some or all of these are true in your case- Advertisements: Too much advertisement may earn you revenues but may deteriorate the look of the page. 1st impression is the lasting impression and so do not clog your sites with advertisements. Again you cannot simply ignore ads because they get you money to run the site and, so you are advised to let all the advertisements appear below the webpage. Lack of speed: losing speed is losing clients- it is easy. If your blog takes time to load then be assured that people will bounce back because no one has the time and patience to keep waiting. Widgets and content from third party pull you back. So get rid of it and stick with the latest technology. Contrast: the look of the page is crucial. If your content is straining the eyes of your clients they will move away. Revise your contrast, font size and font to keep your content inviting. Never compromise your contrast for looks because readability matters. Also, your content must be compatible with the latest mobile devices because latest survey reveals around forty per cent of all online shopping is done via the mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods. Navigation bar: check your navigation bar- it must not be non-existent or indiscreet. People may be simply amazed by the content on your website, but if they have difficulty in looking for the navigation bar real soon they will bounce off.

How to Improve the Bounce Rate?

  • Don’t overload your sites with too many pictures, ads; if necessary have them at the footer.
  • Have the latest technology and maximum bandwidth to cater to a large number of visitors.
  • Have readable content in bold letters that is not uncomfortable reading
  • Avoid drop down in the navigation bar because that is inaccessible in the mobile devices.

To get maximum returns from your website, the analysis and improvement of bounce rate is crucial.

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