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How To Get Invisible in Google Talk IM

How to Get Invisible in Google Talk IMSometimes we get messages from some unwanted friends whom we can’t block. This article will tell you on how to get invisible in Google Talk IM.

Instant messaging is one the emerging needs of the current generation to stay in touch with one another.

Realizing this, all the prevalent social network sites are including this feature in their websites, which lets you not only chat but also video chat with your friends. Many of the major mail giants have also set up their own instant messenger services.
Google’s instant messenger Gtalk is one of the most widely use instant messenger service. It provides all features ranging from chat to voice and video chatting.

Even though it is the most widely used messenger service, there is one very essential feature at which it miss outs: one cannot get invisible in Gtalk. Though being invisible kills the very idea of instant messaging, still we don’t want our friend to disturb us when we are busy .

There are a few methods by which you can be invisible on Gtalk. Few of them are listed.

1. Gtalk Labs Version: There is a test version of Gtalk released by the Google Beta Labs in which you can get invisible. This is also known as the Gtalk Labs Edition. Apart from getting invisibility feature you also get your hands upon a few other features including desktop notification for Gmail as well as Google Calendar with a snooze option too. This Labs Edition of Gtalk can be downloaded by clicking here.

2. Gtalk Plugin: This is one of the most preferred choice. You can download the Gtalk Plugin , which allows you not only to chat in your Gmail and Google+ accounts but also adds voice and video chat support. Above all this plugin provides us an option to get invisible. You can download this plugin by clickin here.

3. 3rd Party Apps: You can also get the invisibility feature by using third party apps like Pidgin (a multi-protocol instant messaging client) for both Windows and Linux. You can also use web apps like or and then log into your Google accounts and chat from there. The benefit of using this method over the above two is that Meebo and Imo being web apps can be accesed on various different platforms.

You can use any of these methods to get invisible in Gtalk Instant Messenger until Google rolls out a version of Gtalk with invisiblity feature inbuilt.


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