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Socialize with 10 Best Google Plus Chrome Extensions

This article will tell you about 10 best Google Plus Chrome Extensions and get going with Google+ like never before.

It has been merely 2 weeks since Google Plus was launched for the general public as well. It is still titled as a project, so it may be some time to come before all its functionality has been exposed. Many of us were quite disappointed when Buzz was launched, as it did not offer a very social experience.

But this latest undertaking by Google is not another Buzz. If a standoff between Google Plus – Buzz was ever going to happen, Plus would surely come out as victorious. Here we review some of the best Google Plus Chrome extensions so far, which when installed into the Chrome browser, add much more capability for Google+ users.

1) Extended Share for Google Plus: Whenever you post something on Google Plus, you will find that you have no option to quickly share that same post on other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. What this Google Plus Chrome Extension does is that to every post, it adds a link “Share On …” When clicked, an internal bubble comes up, giving you the option to share the post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions


2) Start G+: This is a great add on. When installed, a user has the option of automatically streaming posts in from their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even posting to them from inside Google Plus. It also adds a Gmail notifier on the top bar, thus removing any need to keep the Gmail tab open for accessing the new mails.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

3) G+ Extended: Shortcuts are a very handy addition. This extension does exactly that. A user can simply press:

  • “+” to +1 any post
  • “-1” to remove +1 from a post
  • p” to toggle the +1 on a post
  • s” for sharing the post
  • e” to expand previous comments on that post.
Google Plus Chrome Extensions

4) Surplus: This extended version adds to Google Plus to a pop-up window, and whenever a new notification arrives, there is no need to open the browser window. It can be viewed directly within the pop up, features desktop notifications and even plays a sound for new notifications.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

5) +Photo Zoom: Picasa web albums are linked to everyone’s Google Plus account. This is a really handy Google Plus Chrome extension, which shows the enlarged version of any picture when you hover your mouse pointer over it, thus eliminating the need to open and view the image.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

6) Notification Count: Sure Google Plus is great, but we might not always want to keep it open. This is a great extension which displays all your unread notifications on the extension toolbar without any need to keep the Google Plus window open.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

7) Facebook+: Using Google Plus, but still don’t want to miss out the action on your Facebook account as well? The answer lies with this extension. It simply gathers all the news feed from your Facebook account and puts it on a stream in Google Plus for easy viewing.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

8) -1 Minus One: If there is a post we like or are interested in, then we have the +1 button. But in case there is a post which we do not like, Google Plus provides no solutions to that. This extension adds a -1 button, so that you can express more freely.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

9) +Comment Toggle: A post can get a lot of comments, much more than one would like to handle. A very useful extension, +Comment Toggle hides all the comments to a post and those posts are shown as and when required by you.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

10) Share+ Social Buttons: This Google Plus Chrome Extension adds a context-link icon below a post, allowing the user to share the same post on some other famous platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzz etc.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

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  1. Azzam

    July 21, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Thanks for the list and if anymore appear on the radar then please add them on

  2. hangouts

    July 22, 2011 at 3:38 am

    You should add the hangout finder extension to that list!


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