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Why Google+ Project Is Not Another ‘Wave’ or ‘Buzz’

Google Buzz is a feature offering and tries to address social element in the right sense. This article will tell you about Google Plus vs Google Buzz.

Yesterday, Google announced Google+ project, its first step in getting social (yes, again!) and making people share in Google’s space, instead or along with Twitter and Facebook.

And by looking at the video demo and features that Google+ project will carry along, Google+ is looking very promising at this point.

It’s fresh, well thought and the features don’t appear copy-pasted from Facebook or any other social networking service for that matter. Here’s a stand-off between the two social networks for you to enjoy! Look at Google Plus vs Facebook for some fireworks.

Google plus vs Google buzz

We have already seen Google trying its hand on getting social with Wave(which failed) and then Buzz(which failed as well) but this time, Google is trying to get to the root of social behavior and make Google+ as ‘realistically social’ as possible.

With Google+, Google is attempting to make use of best of the technologies to create a real-life socializing experience on the web. And one reason why Google+ seems promising is that it doesn’t appear to be just an extension of Buzz or Wave, both being failed attempts by Google to get into Social space.

Why Google+ is not another Buzz or Wave

Google+ appears to be a uniquely presented product, if not innovated from ground up. UX is completely rethought, quite inspired from real-life socializing and various features such as Circles, Huddles, Hangouts & Sparks are all well-thought and add a pinch of novelty to existing social networking experience.

Google+ is not another ‘Buzz’ as it’s not trying to convince users to share stuff. Instead, it’s facilitating users with remarkable features such as Instant Upload(that auto-uploads all photos & videos taken from your phone to your Google+ album), thereby causing convenience and creating right environment for sharing. With Hangout and Huddle, Google is trying to make online socializing more real-life and fun, unlike buzz that was hardly fun for anyone.

Google is definitely not another ‘Wave’ because it doesn’t take one hour of video tutorial to figure out what it is. Google+ demo shows how easy it is to use Google+. No matter how complex the back-end technologies are, the front-end seems dead-simple to understand.

Well, it’s just the announcement and even early beta invites aren’t out yet so too early to come to any conclusion but from what we’ve seen and experienced so far, we’re eager to get out hands on Google+.

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