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Crossing Borders: Google Plus iPhone App

This article is all about the Google Plus iPhone app and what you can expect out of it. Here are the complete details.

The launch of the new social networking project Google Plus also coincided with the release of several Google plus apps. Although right now available only for the Android and those having a Google account, it is expected that a similar Google Plus iPhone app is in the pipelines, and will be releasing to the public soon.

Google Plus has enjoyed a lot of user attention due to the Google Plus Chrome extensions, and Google now wishes to bring a similar, interactive experience on the personal devices particularly with the Google Plus iPhone app.

Apple has a very well diversified App Store, and it is here that the Google Plus iPhone App would be making its appearance. Although the iPhone very nicely handles the web page of Google+, yet having an app would be a major boost. If Apple instead chooses to ignore this app for its iPhone, it would be arrogance, as more and more people are flocking towards this new project, and not having such an in-demand app on an iPhone would disgruntle many out there.

Google Plus iPhone app

The Google Plus iPhone App has not yet been launched. But what can be surely said regarding its launch is that it would look forward to address many flaws found on previous social media sharing apps, and at the same time providing a well rounded functionality to its users.

What makes the Google Plus so unique are the new features such as Stream, Hangouts, Circles, and Sparks etc. The app for iPhone should be designed to provide all of it. Let us take a look at some of these features that would be most wanted in the Google Plus iPhone app:

1. Stream: similar to the Wall on Facebook, the Stream on Google Plus is where the user gets all his/her news feeds and updates. The app lists down all news, feeds, links and photos in one place for easy navigation.

2. Huddle: Huddle is altogether a new concept. This app has been specially designed to include the Hangout feature of this brand new social network. Instead of chatting separately with your friends, you can start a group-based text and video conference and discuss issues. Huddle had an issue in the previous app versions for Android.

In the previous version, a user could get Huddle invitations from strangers, and found it difficult to mute or leave the conversation. In the subsequent versions and also on the Google Plus iPhone app, this drawback would probably be handled.

3. Photos: Sharing photos is a personal part of our life, and showing them off instantly a priority. The app showcases a feature called “Instant Upload” where the user can take pictures using the iPhone, and using the app can directly upload that image to his linked Picasa web album.

4. Circles: possibly the biggest and coolest selling point for Google Plus, is now even available for the iPhone app. A user can selectively create circles and stream updates to and from selected or limited circles.

In the end, the only thing we conclude is that although not still out, the Google Plus iPhone App would surely be a success. With more than 10 million iPhone units already sold, and the iPhone 4 sales hitting a record high, this app could surely save Apple from a large customer migration to Android.

Update: Google Plus iPhone app is now officially available for iPhone users via iTunes store.

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