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You can now request YouTube to take down AI generated videos that simulates your voice or face

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


You can now request YouTube to take down AI generated videos that simulates your voice or face

YouTube almost clandestinely brought a policy change in June that will allow its users to request removal of AI generated videos that simulates their voice or face. However, the streaming platform won’t remove the video just because someone has complained or the video has been created by using the AI tool. It will objectively look into all the important factors. For instance, if the content has been labelled as being ‘synthetic’ then it will verify if it uniquely identifies the person and whether the content could be identified as satire, parody or holds value for the society. YouTube will also particularly look into AI generated videos featuring celebrities or public figure and whether they have been shown in a sensitive behavior like ‘criminal activities or any act of violence.


Meta is changing ‘AI labels’ on photos following complaints

Meta, the company behind Facebook & Instagram, is changing the way it goes about in labelling photos that are generated with AI. Back in May, when it first laid out the policy, it labelled all the photos as “Made with AI.” Now the photos will be simply labelled as “AI Info,” which will bring more transparent information about how AI was used in the photo. Whether the concern photo has only partially used the AI tool (implying the use of AI editing tool) or the image is 100% generated by use AI tools. This new transparent rule takes into consideration the concerns of photographers who were clearly unhappy with earlier label as it labelled even the AI edited photos as 100% AI images.


Apple reportedly to Integrate ‘Apple Intelligence’ into Vision Pro

According to Bloomberg, Apple is all set to integrate its new AI system called ‘Apple Intelligence’ into its mixed reality headset Apple Vision Pro. However, Vision Pro users will have to wait until next year (2025) for using AI features. Integration of ‘Apple Intelligence’ will pave way for several useful features like enhanced Siri with improved natural language processing, writing tools to assist with grammar, style, and clarity and creating expressive animated emojis. Bloomberg also reports that some of the features of Apple Intelligence may be available as paid subscriptions in Vision Pro headset. For all those who are not aware, Apple Intelligence is a new AI system that was launched at this year’s WWDC event.


Spotify is beta testing emergency alert system in Sweden    


In a surprising move, audio streaming platform Spotify is testing a system for ‘emergency alerts’ in its home country ‘Sweden.’ This feature will give alerts to Spotify users about any emergencies, serious events, or disruptions to important services. This is for the first time that Spotify is venturing into unknown territory of alert systems. It hasn’t given any hint about the long term plans for the feature.

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