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Yoast SEO Plugin Vs Platinum SEO

There are many plugins for SEO in WordPress. Get an idea about the two best SEO plugins throuh Yoast SEO plugin vs platinum SEO over here.

WordPress is a very popular content management system used by many people around the globe. WordPress offers myriad plugins for the purpose of Search engine optimization and improving the look and feel of your website. Some of the popular plugins are platinum SEO plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin. This article compared the features and advantages of both these plugins in detail.

Platinum SEO

This plugin provides complete on-site search engine optimization solution for optimizing your WordPress website/blog.  The platinum SEO was developed by Techblish Online and the latest version can be downloaded from the URL, The free version is licensed under GNU GPL 3 and is very easy to install.  It includes various features like,

  1. Canonical URLs with keyword optimized page and post titles to get higher ranking in search engines.
  2. Automatically 301 directs for any changes in permalinks
  3. Automatically generates meta-tags for SEO ranking. Also includes different options for mentioning meta-keywords and meta-description tags for tag pages and categories.
  4. Helps users to avoid duplicate content and including options for turning off post and page title for any specific pages or post.
  5. Yoast SEO Plugin Vs Platinum SEOHas option for overriding the meta-keyword and description for any page or post.
  6. Includes support for various post types and custom taxonomies.
  7. Compatible with different plugins such as Ultimate Tag Warrior, Auto-meta and different others. But you should disable the All in One SEO pack in order to enable the other plugins.
  8. There are options to change permalinks with settings options. Go to Settings in your Admin panel and change permalinks without worrying about penalty imposed by search engines or loss of page ranks. It will offer 301 redirectors to new location and is an important feature.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is another popular plugin developer and they have developer a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress which includes all important aspects include keyword research, meta-tags, H1 tags, canonical URLs etc. It forces users to select a focus keyword when they are writing blog posts or articles for their website. It will also indicate the keyword strength for an article and will indicate the authors to use the right keywords throughout the article. This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins website at, It includes some important features such as,

  1. Snippet preview which allows users to view the rendering of what their page or post will appear in search results if there Title is too short or too long and whether the meta-description is meaningful and matches search results.
  2. There is a Linkdex Page analysis feature which will check certain basic things that users tend to forget like the presence of ALT tags for images within your posts. It will also check the length of posts based on meta-description and also make use of subheadings inside your post etc.
  3. The plugin will also permit users to provide meta descriptions and titles for all tags, categories, archives and provides various options for optimizing the web pages. It will also ensure that the contents include the right proportion of keywords so that it will get high ranking in search engines.
  4. It will remind users about permalinks and automatically optimize the web pages by inserting inbound and outbound links along with meta-tags.
  5. The SEO plugin from Yoast will create advanced XML Sitemaps for your website and notify the search engines like Bing and Google about these Sitemaps so that your web pages will get indexed automatically by search engine crawlers. These XML Sitemaps include pages and posts too such that images will be easily found by web search engines.
  6. Also using this plugin you can control the web pages that must be displayed in search engine results based on category.
  7. WordPress SEO from Yoast includes an option for adding RSS feeds with links that point to the actual article.
  8. It has inbuilt editor for editing the robots.txt file and .htaccess file which is important for Search engine optimization.
  9. It also has options for integration with social media platforms like Opengraph implementation in Facebook, sharing tags in Google+ etc.
  10. It is compatible with multiple websites and includes export and import functionality for transferring content between different websites. There is also support for multiple languages.
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