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LoginRadius: Social Login Integration Service to make User logins Hassle-free!

Loginradius is a Social Network Integration Plugin LoginRadius for websites that wish to add 1-click user login options to avoid the hassle of user registration.

Social networks have managed to become an integral part of lives, mostly because of the deep seated social integration in whole of the online world. Big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are integrated on almost every site that offers social media sharing.

These popular websites have managed to do so because of the large user base they possess and the convenience that smaller sites can facilitate to their site visitors by integrating Social networking sites with their own.

One of the biggest problems faced by other emerging sites on the internet is to get the initial mass of users, to create account on their websites and get going.

LoginRadius is one such plugin that utilizes the popularity of big social networking websites to save users from the tedious task of registering on new websites and remembering their user names and passwords.

LoginRadius is a multi-platform plugin for websites, which allows users to directly register and login into the website using the account details of other websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, etc.

The plugin can be installed on websites running on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Java, .NET, Python and many other platforms. LoginRadius was developed in order to enable website developers to implement the social login plugins without studying the APIs of individual ID providers.

This saves the website developers from the tedious task of programming individual providers code for login and also gives them the freedom to add a huge number of social networks to their social login list, hence more options for the end users.

Installation and configuration of the plugin is very easy on all the platforms. Installation takes less than ten minutes on Drupal. Configuration is also pretty easy. 

The interface is very simple and easy to use. The login/registration page shows the user a list of websites from which he can choose one. On selecting the website, a form pops up, asking the user for permission to access the data of the selected account. On allowing the access to data, the website automatically logs in the user.

What LoginRadius actually does in this process is that it fetches the user profile data from the selected popular website and gives it to this website which requires account details. Other features like advanced social analytics, extended user data, premium tech support, login interface customization, etc are also available with LoginRadius. Have an experience of the LoginRadius service through live demo on their website.


  • A large number of websites are supported, including but not limited to, AOL, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Hyves, LinkedIn, Live, LiveJournal, Mixi, MyOpenID, MySpace, OpenID, Orange, StackExchange, SteamCommunity, Twitter, Verisign, WordPress and Yahoo.
  • Most of major web development platforms are supported including WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, osCommmerce, Drupal(6/7) Prestashop and also on php, .NET, java and python SDKs
  • It eliminates the need of entering data into registration forms for the user.
  • It saves the website developers from programming individually for different login APIs.


The basic ‘free’ version offers limited features and doesn’t get you extended user data fetching and login interface customization, etc.


LoginRadius, a web startup that’s positioned well on Canada’s top 100 startups of 2012 and utilizing the ever growing social media integration, has a very large potential for growth . LoginRadius enables the websites to provide member-like privileges to users without the need for them to actually register on the website and with the right marketing and awareness campaign in place, LoginRadius could surely be one of the Go-to options for social login integration services of small and big websites.

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