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How to get Leads from Social Media

Social media can help a lot in your business running smooth and reaching heights. Learn how to get leads from social media in this article. 

Social media sites and services have completely changed the way we work and play. We can reach out to family on the other side of the world, catch up with our classmates, share interesting articles, and even play games and check out exciting new products.

how to get leads from social media

According to some studies, social media is the main Internet activity for most people. I’m sure you’d agree – It’s quite likely that you get back home from work and log into your Facebook account or your Twitter feed and see what’s happening!

Well, this popularity of social media amongst Internet users of all age groups also presents a new dilemma – and opportunity – for anyone with an e-commerce site.

Yes, if you do any kind of business online, you need to utilize and leverage social media to get the best leads possible. Not only can you find some of the most valuable leads via social media, not doing so leaves you at risk of being overtaken by your competitors.

Here are 10 easy steps for getting leads from social media. Using these, you should be able to reach your customers and audience!

1.  Plan. Never rush into a social media marketing strategy. You have to play this right as any mix up can really harm your business. Do keyword research, check out your target audience and see what they want.

2. Create content. You have to create content appropriate for your medium and target. Whether you’re doing your marketing on Twitter, or on Pinterest, or on Facebook, your content should be ideal for the service.

3. Use landing pages: Once you draw in users to your website, use attractive landing pages to make the customers stay. You can also use forms to collect information and new leads! Many users won’t stay for too long, so your landing page must have the relevant content or an attractive reason for them to explore your site!

4. Don’t go overboard: No one likes a spammer and nothing is more likely to get you banned or blacklisted than sending out thousands of messages. Your content should not seem like a blatant marketing effort. Use a mix of your content, blog entries, and other, related content.

5. Some of your visitors and leads may not want to purchase right away. Make it possible for them to sign up for an email list or a newsletter.

6. Keep on engaging with your followers and friends. A one-way street doesn’t work in social media. To get successful leads from social media, you must engage your audience.

7. Create and maintain a proper online presence.

8. Use Google analytics to measure your success.

9. Explore new and hitherto less-used social networks. You never know which network will be the next big thing. Try out social media networks apart from the big names!

10. Integrate social media plugins into your main website.

These tips should help you get started with an effective marketing strategy that will generate leads from social media. Best of luck!

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