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How to Backup Google Chrome Passwords and Bookmarks

Sometimes we wonder how to backup Google Chrome passwords and bookmarks. This article will help you in creating a backup in Google Chrome.

Are you the kind of person that likes to keep an account handy, for all websites that require registration? But most of you must be having a hard time remembering passwords for all these accounts. Or you might be of the kind that likes to bookmark every cool site you visit, for future browsing.

If you fall into one of the above two categories, then keep reading this article to make your life easier! There are a lot of applications and plugins available for the Google Chrome browser to make these jobs easier for you. Some of these applications are aforementioned:

1.  Google Chrome’s In-built Sync Feature:

How to Backup Google Chrome Passwords and Bookmarks

This bookmark and password synchronization feature has been integrated in the Google Chrome browser for quite a time now. In this method, you just need to have a valid Google account and a computer having Google Chrome.

To set up the synchronization, click on the Wrench button in the Google Chrome menu bar, then “Options” and then click on the “Personal Stuff” tab on the left side of the page. You will be seeing a heading called “Sign in”. Click on the button “Sign in to Chrome” and provide your Google account username and password in the dialog box that opens.

Another box will open which will ask you whether to sync all data. You can click on the advanced button to select which data to sync. After doing all this, your passwords and bookmarks will be stored into your Google account. Now every time you want your bookmarks, password or even extensions synchronized into a fresh install of Chrome Browser, follow the same steps: Wrench Button> Options>Personal Stuff>Sign into Chrome> Fill in the details and you will get all your backup data restored there.

2. Using LastPass:

How to Backup Google Chrome Passwords and Bookmarks

Out of all the password synchronization softwares available for Google Chrome, LastPass is one of the most powerful, easy to use and freely available software. Just head on to and download the latest free version of LastPass. Go through the installer and it will automatically give you choices so as to install LastPass for which of your browsers. After installing LastPass, start Google Chrome and click on the LastPass icon in the taskbar.

It will ask you Log into your vault. Just log into your vault or create a free account and log in using the details. You can also select to logon to your vault automatically every time you start Chrome.Now every time you visit a page whose password is stored into your vault, LastPass will show you options whetherto fill the account details for you automatically, or in just a few clicks.

For every new password you enter LastPass will ask you whether to save it in your vault. LastPass can also fill form data; you just have to feed the data once and after this whenever you need a form filled, just goto to the LastPass menu and click on “Fill Form”. You can also access your vault online from any place on the LastPass site.

One very intuitive feature of LastPass is that whenever you are creating a new account for any website, it gives you option to auto generate a very strong password (containing random sequence of alphanumeric characters and symbols).

You can choose this option without any fear because LastPass will automatically add this password and other account details in your vault. Moreover, it also allows cross-browser, cross- platform and cross-device sync capabilities so that you can synchronise your  data on almost any device.

For example you can sync your data from your Firefox in your Linux desktop to Chrome on your Windows PC as well as to your Android device’s native browser.

3. Xmarks Bookmarks Sync

How to Backup Google Chrome Passwords and Bookmarks

Xmarks is a very handy bookmarks backup and synchronisation utility from LastPass itself. You can download Xmarks from this website Click on the download button and this will take you to the Xmarks download page suited for your browser.

Xmarks can synchronise all your bookmarks, be it cross-browser or between different computers. Once you have installed Xmarks, just start it through your browser and follow the wizard to successfully set up your new account or synchronise with your previous account.

As your new account will be created, you will be asked about the “direction” of the sync; whether to restore the bookmarks backed up at the server onto the PC, or the bookmarks in your PC are to be backed up at the server, or both the Bookmarks at the server and the PC are to be merged together. The third option is the best to keep all your bookmarks safe and synchronized.

You can also access your saved bookmarks at the website: One more feature exclusive to Xmarks is its ability to synchronise open tabs along all your browsers. And the best part is that this Xmarks Application is also being rolled out for most of the browsers of popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Xmarks is already available for the Dolphin browser on Android.

How to Backup Google Chrome Passwords and Bookmarks

LastPass + Xmarks bundled together make one very useful password and bookmarks synchronization tool.These applications are really a boon for people who tend to forget their passwords very easily. These applications also act as a life saver when it comes to recovering lost passwords and bookmarks in case of system failure. Above all, they help you keep this data synchronized and organized on almost all of your devices.


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