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How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google

For many reason it may be required to deposite blogger sitemap to Google. Learn how to submit blogger sitemap to Google.

In the world where business virtually live with and depend extensively on the internet, getting good SEO ranking is of immense significance in order for online business to be successful and to survive for longer periods.

Increase Search Engine Ranking and Web Traffic

The rising competition of websites also demands more attention towards the promotional measures that are to be taken by online marketers in how to submit sitemap to google for bloggerorder to promote their own websites and businesses.  If proper care is not taken and due attention is not paid towards promoting one’s own website, there is always a chance of inability in facing and surviving the competition online.  Examples of social media are blogs, wikis, forums, and pod casts etc.  All of these social media are very good sources to attract people towards websites and create huge traffic.   Each online marketer uses each of these social media in different ways that suits his/her requirements.  As already said, there are number of ways to generate website traffic.  The important thing to be focused is the marketing strategies you design.

Submit sitemap to Search Engines like Google

One among the most important things that any website owner needs to do in order to get an excellent SEO ranking is to submit their sitemaps to almost every search engine that exists today like Google, Bing, Yahoo, In, among others. Google is probably the most popular and extensively used search engine in the internet world.  Whenever we visit Google in search of something, we notice a plethora of links about webpages that are relevant to what we search for.

In order to increase the traffic to a particular website, it is necessary that the site is indexed in Google or any other search engine for that matter.  The total numbers of webpages that are indexed by Google are beyond anybody’s imagination.  Sitemaps are to be submitted to the Google Webmaster tool which is regarded as a highly useful SEO tool.  Given below are the steps that are involved in successfully submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Visit the link:
  • After the webmaster gets loaded, use your Gmail account credentials and login.

how to submit sitemap to google for blogger through webmaster

  • Once you sign in to the Google webmaster, you will notice a thumbnail and a link of your website.
  • Click on either the thumbnail or the link of your website and this will take you to the Dashboard of the Google Webmaster Tools.
  • The next step that is to be done is to click on Sitemaps.

how to submit sitemap to google for blogger 1

  • Once you click on the Sitemap, you will find a button titled ADD/TEST Sitemap.
  • Then use the following link to submit your sitemap:
    • Use as your blogger sitemap
    • The highlighted section should be your site address or your blog name or copy and paste your web address in the space provided in the submit sitemap section of the Google Webmaster tools.
      • Once you copy and paste your website address, click on the submit button.
      • After this, refresh the page.  Your sitemap is successfully submitted to Google Webmaster tools and is awaited to be indexed which will happen in some time.

It normally takes a few days’ time for the sitemap that has been submitted to Google Webmaster tools to get indexed.  You can find the statistics related to the sitemap submitted once you login to Google Webmaster tools after a few days of submitting the sitemap.

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