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Browsing Tricks

Using a expensive phone with low browsing Speed is not at all a smart thing. Learn mobile browsing tricks and tips in this article.

When you browsing through mobile and using limited data connection, then you should ensure that while browsing you use minimum amount of data traffic. Mobile data connections are generally charged based on data volume consumed unlike the earlier internet connection in home that are charged based on usage time. Hence the 1st step is to avoid viewing websites with too much graphics or pictures and stick to light-weight versions. You should look for mobile versions of all websites which have lighter content and generated 5-10 times less data than normal websites, which can help you to browse for longer time as data consumption will be minimal.

Generally popular websites like Wikipedia or Google have mobile version which takes of smaller displays and also consumes less traffic. Some websites automatically detect the mobile platform and will display only the mobile version of the website. If you are using Android smart phone use browsers like Dolphin HD browser or Opera Mini which will have many options and features like,

  1. One-Tap share – Share pages from your browser to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or via E-mail to friends.
  2. Synchronize between your Desktop and mobile to store favorites, bookmarks, username and passwords for frequently used websites, caching websites for faster loading etc.
  3. Gesture support – Use touch gesture as shortcuts for specific action like opening frequently used website etc.
  4. More than 80 Add-ons available which can help you to add more tasks to your website.
  5. Speed dial for viewing your favorite websites in single touch

Also many browsers and mobile websites display lot of advertisements which is quite irritating for the viewers. Also these advertisements usually contain lot of graphics which consume huge data and impact your overall cost of mobile browsing. You can use Ad blockers or Netvibes to filter such unwanted ads displayed while browsing. They also help to reorganize the elements of the website and display them in a better way to improve readability. mobile browsing tricks

If you are browsing continuously in your Mobile for longer time, then there is possibility for your mobile to become slow and pages will get downloaded slowly. During that time, you should clear the phone’s cache memory and any unwanted data to improve the browsing speed. Use options like “Clear Cache” or “Clear Privacy data” from your phone settings to remove the data from Cache memory and optimize your phone’s browsing speed.

Also you should understand how to search on Mobile using search engines. Many mobile browsers has its default search engine as Google in which you can restrict search as Mobile web. It will only display pages which are adapted to mobile, and for normal websites it will show a much thinner or lighter version that contains fewer graphic. You can also surf without images when you are using slower internet connections.

Another mobile browsing trick is using WiFi connections available on public places to browse through Internet. Nowadays, in many public places like Airports, train stations or bus stations there is free Wi-Fi connection provided which you can use to browse through your Mobile.

Last but not least, security is very important thing to consider when you are browsing through Mobile. Do not download strange or unauthorized Apps which can induce spyware or malware to your Mobile. They can steal important personal or financial data from your mobile and it can be very risky. Always browse through websites which are HTTPS enabled, that means the data is transmitted in encrypted format and is highly secure. You can easily identify such websites with a lock symbol on the left side of title bar. They use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for transmitting data and are highly secure. Use mobile security software like Norton Mobile Security or Kaspersky Mobile security to protect your mobile from blocked websites, spyware, malware, Trojans, viruses and other malicious software. Security is very important while browsing through your mobile phone and you should take necessary precautions to protect your personal data.

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