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Latest Firefox’s Feature-Pack

Latest features of firefoxChrome really needs to catch up fast if it ever wants to reign the Browser market. This article will tell you about latest features of Firefox.

Mozilla has pushed its own limits further with its latest release, version 3.5 of Firefox. Firefox 3.5 has just been released(available for download here) and after having a hands-on experience with the latest Firefox version and its enhanced feature-pack, Firefox 3.5 is certainly looking miles ahead of its competitors at the moment.

Check out the newly introduced and enhanced feature set in Firefox 3.5

Private Browsing

This feature has been introduced in the latest version of Firefox. ‘Private browsing’  enables users to surf internet without leaving any traces in browsing history of the web browser. It was the only feature which was already being offered in Google Chrome and Apple Safari but missing out in Firefox until the latest Firefox 3.5 release.

Countless Add-ons

Firefox users can now pick from over 6000 Add-ons to enhance their web browsing experience. A huge population of web services have already created their Firefox Add-ons and thousands are in the pipeline.

Enhanced Smart Location Bar

As you keep using Firefox for a while, it learns from your browsing behaviour and starts suggesting you on the basis of your past surfing activity. Whenever you type in a term, the Autocomplete function includes possible matching sites from your browsing history, as well as sites you’ve bookmarked. This saves you both time and efforts. This feature has been enhanced in the latest Firefox release.

Improved Performance

With regular clean-up of unused memory, removal of  hundreds of memory leaks and most importantly, the use of Tracemonkey Javascript engine, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox keeps memory usage under strict control. Firefox 3.5 is much faster than its previous version because of improved Page rendering and layout engine.

One-Click Bookmarking

There’s a ‘star’ icon at the end of the address bar, which needs to be clicked only once for the particular website to be bookmarked. If clicked twice, Firefox will show the folder where the bookmark has been stored and will also give you the option to ‘tag’ your bookmark. You can rename the folder according to your choice or suitability of the website for organizing your bookmarked websites in a proper way.

Instant Web Site ID

If there’s a website where you are supposed to enter your financial data such as credit card credentials, it is advisable to verify if the website is an authentic and legitimate website or not. You can now check out the site’s Web site ID, another authentication measure, by clicking on the favicon of the website. This gets you an instant identification of the website being viewed.

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