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Backup Add-ons for Firefox

There are several ways to keep the overflowing bookmarks manually, as well as automatically. This article lists various backup add-ons for Firefox browser.

How many times have the words “save your document” or the issue “where is the copy” been ignored. Do not brush these concerned voices of advice aside, as the right answer lies in the hands of the dedicated user who saves and creates a backup of all stored information. Firefox’s user-friendly approach allows saving web pages and sites as per the necessity of its loyal followers.

Backup Add-ons for Firefox

The bookmark section is an essential element of the browser technology that enables storage and saving of web related data. The information that is stored is for future utilization and saves on web browsing and searching time. When the bookmarked list increases, then it is time to clear the long roll by taking a backup.

Various Steps to take Backup Copies of Firefox Bookmarks

There are several ways to keep the overflowing bookmarks manually, automatically, and through other external programs.

Manually Backing Up Bookmarked Data

The do-it-yourself feature enables backing of stored information through various non-automatic measures. Select the Import and Backup menu option from the top bar of the Firefox home page.

• Using Backup option

Place the cursor on the option to display the facilities on offer. With the help, of the drop-down list select the required option and save the bookmark to any location in the PC. The file format of Firefox backup program is JSON.

Using Restore option

Place the cursor on the option to view the drop-down list of the days of the week along with the corresponding date. The data can be set for periodic and time-based backups. Later the bookmarks can be retrieved from the stored dates.

• Using Import HTML or Export HTML option

Place the cursor on either of the import or export options to extract or deport bookmarks in the HTML format. The option can be used to import the required bookmarks from other web browsers also.

Automatically Backing Up Bookmarked Data

The vast list of bookmarks can be saved for later retrieval with the use of add-on options in Firefox. For a less strenuous exercise, there are several applications available that encourages automatic backups of bookmarks for future usage. The technique is a boon for users who bookmark vast and continuous data in a day.

XMarks Add-on Backup Add-ons for Firefox

Also called Foxmarks, the versatile additional application is a worthwhile storage and bookmarking program that facilitates various activities. It enables backup of passwords, open tabs, and bookmarks. The service is available across a wide selection by synchronizing and saving information from PCs and other web browsers. By setting star rating and review details for the website pages, the XMarks program intelligently analysis and bookmarks as per the set details. • Lazarus (Form Recovery) Add-on Backup Add-ons for Firefox This resourceful application can enable to add automatically information to the web form as per browser entries. The data is entered into empty fields according to the details set in this recovery system. Setting places, time, and even the flags of the country allows easy data entry for all types of web form pages. The default settings can be manipulated to close the website content entry after a particular period.

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) Add-on Backup Add-ons for Firefox

The format facilitates quick backup and upload options that incorporate time-set procedures. Firefox based extensions, bookmarks, and profiles can be saved using the FEBE standard of system. It also extends its functionality to formulate added .xpi file formats for integrating workplace and home-based web browsers.

Backup Bookmarks

Backing up is a civilized tradition and is an essential requirement, as compelling as saving. Numerous applications assistance is there in providing the right backup solutions as per individual demands. Choose the appropriate application for all your backup needs.

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