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Mozilla launches TraceMonkey- A faster Engine

Mozilla has launched a new engine called Tracemonkey, which makes Mozilla faster than Chrome. The complete detail is down below.

Now that’s really getting interesting. We just made a comparison between Chrome and IE8 and the hot favorite(before Chrome’s launch) Mozilla is getting envious due to a ubiquitous applaud that the Chrome is receiving,from the entire blogosphere.
And that’s why they are back !…Not with an upgraded Mozilla but with a sneak peak at the Mozilla’s next delivery Mozilla 3.1. According to one if their coders Brendan Eich,they have tested their browser with a new engine in place called Tracemonkey,which they believe will make Mozilla,even faster than Chrome.

They tested both the browsers on their benchmarking tool Sunspider and have confirmed that most of the parameters which effect browser’s speed lie in Mozilla’s favor and they are still very much into the game.


I believe that it’s not over yet and won’t be over for a long time.This war will continue and we will see more action from these “browser biggies” but I think the ultimate winner in this game(or War) is “us”(i mean,users) who are getting better product every other day.

Two years from now…

  • IE is still commanding 25-30% market share(thanks to relatively old generation,which is well stuck in IE and not willing to experiment at all)
  • Mozilla is commanding 35-40% market share(they are the king in 2010,beating IE,Chrome and everybody else)
  • Chrome has made his own space,commanding 15-20% market share in browser market.
  • Safari,Opera,Flock and others are jointly sharing 8-10% market share,affecting in no big way

This all can dramatically change but such a judgement is on the basis of the current status and few sneak peaks…

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