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First month of Google Chrome !

Google Chrome is about to complete its first month after launch and it has shown tremendous growth in this short life span.

Statistics may vary on regional basis but the overall market share of Chrome has crossed Opera,Safari and even Internet Explorer.

We can’t say about other websites but our own statistics clearly depict the overwhelming acceptance of Chrome.

However Google Chrome’s Mac version is still unavailable(will probably become available by the end of this year) but Chrome’s extensive usage hasn’t been restricted by this at all.

28.61% of TechPluto’s readership is accessing this weblog through Google Chrome.47.77% of our visitors access TechPluto through Mozilla(still the dominant browser) and 17.46% use Internet Explorer.Rest are using Safari & Opera.

Such a huge marketshare within a month seems a bit unrealistic but these stats does not depict the global browser composition.

The reason behind such an agressive transition of our audience to Chrome is probably the technological awareness and experimental attitude.



Mozilla will really have to fight hard to sustain as the dominant browser in this highly dynamic market.The key competing factors will be Speed and Security

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