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SpaceTime Review

Here is the Spacetime review. It is a web browser with 3D browsing experience 3D searching, 3D tabbed browsing, YouTube video search, Flickr Image search, eBay search, Amazon search.

What’s that !


The web browsers that we usually ‘Use’ and ‘Avoid’ are: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Flock, IE 7.0, Opera, Maxthon etc. But all the above listed browsers have one thing in common…. They are all web browsers of “Today“. Take a look at the web browser of the future “SpaceTime“. It’s not your usual web browser but comes with an all new 3D Browsing experience. With a pocketful of features that it carries with itself, the best thing about it is making a 2d PC screen behave like a 3d space for browsing the web. With the arrival of Firefox 3.0, many comforts and pros have been added for the mozilla addicts but SpaceTime proves to be an incomparable one. Rob Enderle rightly quotes… “I think I have found a product that makes the Google Interface look like it was designed by Apple” Eddie Bakhash, CEO and creator of SpaceTime has tried to incorporate lots of functionalities in SpaceTime that surpass the current generation of browsers we have.




What it offers…

  • A web browser with 3D surfing experience
  • All new refreshing browsing world with 3D searching and 3D tabbed browsing
  • Special features such as YouTube video 3D search, Flickr Image 3D search, eBay 3D search, Amazon 3D search

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Futuristic – SpaceTime makes its users realize that “The regular web browsers are passe, let’s browse into the Future”. It lets you have a sneak peak and even more into the future of web browsing
  • Unique – There have been some efforts by others in this 3D Browser arena like Browse3D and AT&T’s Pogo 3D Browser (still in closed beta) but till now nobody stands a chance in front of SpaceTime
  • Comfortable – When you have a plenty of 3D space to open as many websites; you can see the search results visually without even visiting the result links and you get a plenty of screen space to browse rather than the usual reduced browsing screen spaceit would definitely make you feel better

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Overcrowded Market – It’s not just one. The number of web browsers in the market isn’t very few. We already have a bundle of web browsers backed by many industry leaders. With the recent arrival of Firefox 3.0 and its Record download (2,17,70,911 and counting), it seems that the market is quite used to the 2d browsing and would rather accept this “2D to 3D transition” after couple of years
  • Too sophisticated – When we term this kind of browsing as “3D in 2D” , many people might find it uneasy to digest it because they have been used to the 2D web browsing for years and hence find this transition useless and sophisticated (As all the usual internet related tasks can be perfectly done by most of the browsers available today). To some extent, it’s true as well. But that’s for sure that the transition will be pumped up by the “Young internet breed” only (those who keep “Visual experience” in their priority list)
  • Minor glitches – There are some glitches here and there which might frustrate a Mozilla habituals or other browser’s users while using SpaceTimeAlso, some system requirements are also there hence every PC owner can’t just download SpaceTime and start using it. This might restrict some users from experiencing SpaceTime
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