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The positive side of ‘Dot com bubble’…


The dot com bubble was necessary for the prosperous future of internet. The positive side of dot com bubble was tremendous infrastructural development in a short span of time.

The dot com bubble and its consequent burst-out is well known to most of us.We remember it as an event that crashed the US economy to an all time low.

It all started with companies like Netscape,Yahoo! & Excite and ended with dot coms like Pets & Boo.Few of them survived but most of them got their shutters closed after burning millions of dollars with absolute stupidity.

The worst part was the unexpected behaviour of Angels & Venture Capital firms who literally gambled over hundreds of dot coms and invested big bucks with no logical estimation and business plan.

The rule of ‘Get Big Fast‘ was the only motto of that phase and this rule was the prime motivation behind more than 250 dot-com IPOs in just one year(1999).

The outcome was simply tragic.’Bankrupcy’ & ‘Shutdown’ became a commonly used glossary for dot coms and there was even a dedicated website called FuckedCompany by Philip Kaplan which served as a ‘dot-com dead pool‘ at that time.

But still,the dot com bubble was necessary for the prosperous future of internet

And here are the two effects of dot com bubble which were positive and worked for the better of Internet


Internet Infrastructure 

If the madness for dot com companies hadn’t been there then VCs and corporate entities wouldn’t have cared so much about the infrastructure that an ever growing internet requires.Lack of intrastructure meant limited growth of internet,which wasn’t compromisable at all at that time.

Only those could access Internet(with a decent bandwidth) who were facilitated with OFC(Optical Fibre cables) with all the network elements(routers,gateways,switches etc).Worldwide expansion of network infrastructure was much necessary to globalise and make internet ubiquitous.

It took just five years for Internet to attain the infrastructural growth which would otherwise have taken place in about 15 years.


Breaking the convention

During the dot com bubble,the conventional business models were not at all applicable and the new rules of internet business were evolving very fast.Even after the bubble bust,one thing was definitely understood to most of the business analysts…

The unconventional business models in the field of Internet can’t be ignored anymore.The growth of internet has crossed every regional boundary and there are tremendous amount of business possibilities on Internet.



Take it or leave it but dot-com bubble was a definite catalyst in the growth of Internet and taught priceless lessons to internet entrepreneurs



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