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Ning vs BuddyPress

The two famous tools have some equalities and some differences. Go through Ning vs Buddypress for better understanding.

Are you enamored by the various social networking sites on the internet? How it would be if ideas were pouring forth from the recesses of the mind on establishing an exclusive and individualistic, social site?

Ning vs BuddyPress

The presence of names like Ning and BuddyPress are the Internet invaders in terms of successful ventures concentrating on establishing the personally developed independent social networking website on the lines of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ConstantContact, MySpace, to name a few.

Similarities between Ning vs BuddyPress

There are similar characteristics in the operating procedures and incorporation details of the Ning and BuddyPress platforms. The interactive sites are online solutions that integrate the features and functionalities of the popular social networks.

  • These platforms include customized approach to personal needs by providing required programs to formulate unique, different social site.
  • These have enabled add-ons that perform the functionalities and deeds to create a personal space on the likes of other popular shared networks.
  • Formed data facilities that create spaces for profiles, personal and private information, group conference, and even feedback postings are provided.

Differences of Outlook between Ning and BuddyPress

The Ning and BuddyPress variations enable clients to experience and utilize the features to develop personal legroom alongside interconnectivity.

The Ning Dynasty

On the cards of online onlookers, the applications, and approaches of Ning surpasses other website brands with the exclusive facilities on offer that meets the upgrade needs of netizens.

  • It provides comprehensive and regularly updated software maintenance and expansion.
  • Ning manages all necessary and trivial matters including spams, site content and user accounts.
  • It enables the combination with other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to name a few.
  • It offers services only as charged programs by removing earlier freebies and pricing packages as basic, pro and plus, depending upon the transaction.
Ning vs BuddyPress

The BuddyPress Connection

Popular and increasingly on-demand WordPress platform owe its popularity to its free download advertising. The software products on offer for the users are on par with other biggies in the industry, without any compromise on the quality and service.

  • It presents a user-friendly forefront and enables easy, independent creation of exclusive social networking sites.
  • BuddyPress shapes private communication facility within established groups.
  • It organizes personal data and connects friends and subgroups.
  • It formulates solutions to follow-up activities of friends and aids in setting discussion forums.

Buddy Press Download

The downloading process is easy on the user with easy website building facilities for BuddyPress services. Visit and download BuddyPress application on the online server.

There is endless, free access to software specifications implemented to cater to different user demands with the open source code GPL (GNU) licensed make. The global community of professionals including programmers and consumers are jointly responsible for the upkeep of this platform that users can utilize through a paid system.

Ning Enterprise

The closed source system of Ning allows only specific designs of integrated facility. Only Ning servers are allowed to access Ning social sites. The paid downloads include a variety of priced services that include a few high-end monthly schemes also. There is increased provision of add-ons, server space, plug-ins, and other options. Avail more features with superior programs on offer through Ning platforms.


Whether Ning or BuddyPress, the war of web worlds continued with superior feature of the free platform, and updated functionality commitment as part of the paid platform. More or less, paid or unpaid; the decision lies in the hands of the user. Be the trendsetter and make a stylish social networking site develop a personal online community.

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