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Top 10 Android Apps To Keep You Fit and Healthy in 2012

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Some of the free and best fitness apps for Android in 2012 to have a healthy life are given below.

Most of the people throughout the world have started becoming calorie conscious owing to the increasing junk food available. People, being aware of the problems that come along with these unhealthy food stuffs, have started looking to latest technologies to help them switch to a healthier lifestyle.

One of the most handy resource is to install some fitness applications available for your mobile phone which can track of your daily routine along with suggesting measures to stay fit. Some of the Fitness oriented applications available on the android platform are listed below.

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

This application is specifically targeted to users who are involved in any kind of sports activity be it running, cycling, jogging, roller skating or even strolling around here and there. It helps you keep track of your exercising time, the distance covered, speed and also maintains a record of your previous exercises. It seamlessly integrates with Google maps to provide a more detailed analysis of your exercising progress.Moreover it also integrate with your music application and play songs from your own library. This application has a paid and a free version.

2. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

Instant Heart Rate Pro is a phenomenal application that has created a lot of hype among the medical enthusiasts. What this application claims is that it can measure the heart rate of a person and guess what, it does the job pretty good. God knows how this application does what it does, but it sure measures the heart rate of a person by just keeping a finger on the camera lens for a particular amount of time. This application can show visual graphs and also store history of your previous readings. The measurement is not perfect but is very close to accurate.


Best fitness apps for Android 2012

This application was specially designed by a group of college graduates and  fitness enthusiasts for people having a similar mindset. This application combines within itself almost all of the prospects you need to take care to have a fit body.  This application has a free version and a paid professional version as well.

The features include a workout routine planner which has a very user friendly interface and lets you create your own customised workout routines. It also lets you easily switch between bulking, cutting, general, sports specific exercises. It also tracks your daily progress in a calendar type interface and saves your best records. Moreover it saves all your data to an online JEFIT server. It can also show graphical charts to shows your body and exercising stats. It has a huge database containing complete information of more than 500 exercises.

4. Ultimate weight watcher diary

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

Ultimate weight watcher diary can provide nutrient content of almost all sorts of food products and thus lets you help you track your nutrient uptake. You can search for food items in the applications database or search for the details by scanning the barcode of the food product you want information about. It also contains the listing for all leading restaurants of USA and UK. It can also help you track and select healthy food and lets you earn “points” according to your diet habits. Moreover it also provides exercising tips.

5. Fast food calorie counter

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

Fast Food Calorie counter is another application which helps us calculate our calorie intake. It contains the database of all menu items of all leading fast food chains such as KFC, Domino’s, Mc. Donald’s, etc. You  just have to start the application, select the restaurant and then the food item you are ordering, and this application will provide all details you need to know about the junk food you are about to eat. A free version of this application is also available on the Android Market.

6. iFitness

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

This application mainly focuses on your exercising aspects rather than taking caring of your diet. iFitness provides  text and video instructions for over 300 exercises and also has logging and graphing abilities. Moreover it can also show exercises according to the equipments or the muscles targeted. It also has features to let you set goals and provides you with exercises to make you beat these goals.

7. Garmin fit

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

This is an application from a name who you must have already heard when it comes to fitness equipment, Garmin. This application is a perfect fitness training application. It can track your jogging, walking or cycling progress and also lets you keep it stores as history or share it using the Garmin Connect feature.  One more amazing feature of this application is that it can connect with many of Garmin’s compatible accessories/equipment. As an icing on the cake tis application also suggest you perfect soundtracks for your exercise routine.

8. Allsport GPS

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

Allsport GPS is pretty much similar to sports tracking application that can track all your activities be it running, walking, cycling, etc. But this application has one difference: it does not need a data connection like other such applications. It just uses GPS and tells you the amount of calories burnt, time spent in running and other such stats based on pre-fed data of the application.

9. Pocket yoga

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

Pocket Yoga is a very interesting application which contains all information you need to know about Yoga. You can choose out of a total of 27 different sessions. This application has detailed voice and visual instructions which teach all the poses and simultaneously provides instruction for inhalation and exhalation.  It contains full information and benefits of about 145 poses. It also maintains a log of all your yoga sessions. Special features include playing music from your music library and support for TV out.

10. Quit now

Best fitness apps for Android 2012

This application is a bit different from the other application because instead of suggesting exercising tips, etc. this application helps you quit smoking, to keep you fit. It shows stats like the number of days you spent without smoking, time saved, money saved, etc. and also provides tips for quitting . It also has a widget that displays your progress. It also shows some aspect of your health that will improve gradually as you quit smoking and facts about smoking. It basically makes the user quit smoking by first setting smaller ”achievements ” to accomplish and then targeting on the big ones.

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