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Certify.com Review

Here’s Certify.com review. Certify.com will save all the hassles of approving or even submitting the travel and expense reports.

When you are involved in managing a large enterprise that has many connections around the globe, one of the major problems that you may face is managing the travel and expense records of all the personnel, that too all alone.

www.certify.com will save you all the hassles of approving or even submitting the travel and expense reports. It provides you with an interactive, innovative and user friendly cloud expense management system which performs this task very quickly, easily and efficiently.


The software is powered by something called ‘Certify Wallet’, which acts as its backbone. It allows you to capture the receipt and expense data, saving the data with you and having access to it whenever you feel like and, approving or forwarding the expense report easily.

It provides you with a suite of options to do all of the above mentioned tasks and much more.

It also provides you mobile software for all the mobile platforms namely; iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, which will allow you to capture and read the expense receipts on your desk or while you are on the go.

This software will seamlessly integrate your expense and travel management with your existing corporate network. It has been designed to be used by all the users at any level of business organization.

There are three available suites for this software named the enterprise suite, on demand suite and for individual and independent users. All the suites provide you with features such as Certify wallet, real time receipt parse technology to read all your receipts and save them on your online drives, expense routing and approval that matches the enterprise levels, travel integration, AP integration, ACH reimbursement, mobile apps, support for multiple languages and currencies, credit card support and integration, automatic compilation of expense reports, e-commerce billing, invoicing and time tracking and much more.

There are, virtually countless number of very productive features included in each of the above mentioned suites. You have the option to set a locked or custom approval workflow. There can be different approval rules for different expense categories which are completely customizable. You can have a look at the real time vendors and travel tips for business tours. You can either share your travel experience with others or may learn from their experience. Sharing is so easy with certify.com.

The online software also helps you in travel expense saving and cost optimization. The main advantage of this service is that there is no need to install any app on your computer or mobile device. The entire service is cloud based and all you need is an active account on Certify.com and decent internet connectivity.

In a nutshell, if you are an enterprise manager or an expense report filer, this service will definitely help you with filing expense reports and managing all the travel expenses very easily, quickly and hassle free by utilizing the cloud based services and the on demand approvals and receipt parsing features, whether you are at your workplace or still on the go.

It is recommended that you have a taste of the 30 day free trial right now.

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