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MyScenicDrives Brings ‘Road Trip Planner’ For Easier Trip Planning

MyScenicDrives is a web service that serves as a road trip planner tool, giving out all those details which you may never come across otherwise

MyScenicDrives, a startup that’s all about road travelers and making their trip more than just a traversal from point A to B, has recently launched yet another product feature that’s noteworthy and something which deserves a mention.

It’s actually a startup that we wrote about a long while ago and since then, MyScenicDrives has populated its info database with much more than what it was when we covered it earlier.

For those who don’t want to read the whole review that we did a while back, here’s a quick brief of MyScenicDrives

MyScenicDrives is a web service that serves as a trip planner for road trips, giving out all those details which you may never come across otherwise. It won’t please all kinds of travelers but those who relish cruising along the roads on their bikes or cars will not want to give it a miss.

So, let’s get down to the feature that has recently been added to existing set of tools that MyScenicDrives is equiped with: an easy-to-use Road Trip Planner.

Road Trip Planner is all about making it even more simpler to plan your road trip. Here are the key highlights of Road Trip Planner.

  • Build your trip from hundreds of our pre-planned scenic routes and thousands of recommended stops.
  • Divide multi-day trip into manageable days automatically.
  • Print or download daily directions to your GPS.
  • Perfect for day trips, weekend getaways and cross-country adventures.
  • Import and Export trips from your favorite tools.
  • Share your road trips with family and friends.

Well, as we have already said, it’s not meant to please every traveler so if you happen to be a fanatic Road traveler then there are good chances that you’re missing out of great places while rolling your wheels.

Better get your hands on this new Road trip planner from MyScenicDrives and get all the necessarily trip details, all for free.

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