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IRCTC Alternative Websites for Train Reservations

Many times you might have  experienced the slow functioning of IRCTC official website. Find IRCTC alternative websites for train overe here.

In India, the condition of railway is quite awful, especially when it comes to reservation for trains. Generally, Indian people prefer rail journeys to go from one place to another and thus, IRCTC which stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is overloaded with work and that is a big reason for which IRCTC is becoming an inaccessible and unresponsive these days.

To reduce the workload and to make reservation easier for travelers, IRCTC is available on the web and thus, from the official website of IRCTC. Now days, Indian travelers make their railways reservations for desired available trains.

best IRCTC alternative websites for online reservationsHowever, due to the increasing volume of passengers towards the railway, the idea of web reservation is also not working properly. Generally, the website remains busy and inaccessible for customers and that is why they feel discomfort and unsatisfied with railway reservation services. This is a great reason for which passengers try to find out some alternative websites in addition to IRCTC for making successful train reservations. Thus, if you are among those who are fetching the best IRCTC alternative websites for train reservations, here we have listed some of them.

So, the following websites are the best service provider IRCTC alternative websites where passengers can book their trains or can have necessary information related to trains easily. These websites provide relevant information and latest updates about various trains and with information, they also provide reliable and strong payment services to passengers. To know more about these alternate websites, you must read on detailed view which is mentioned below.

Rail Ticket Online

It is a new and such a great venture that allows passengers to make rail bookings or check availability in various rails conveniently. As per the convenience of the passengers, the website of rail ticket online which provides 24×7 hours railway booking services to several Indian passengers. So, if you are trying online websites for booking your destination train, seriously Rail Ticket Online is the best alternative for you.

Here, passengers can not only make bookings for their trains but also can check their PNR status. Additionally, the company rail ticket online is an authorized concern with IRCTC and thus, passengers will get reliable and genuine services for sure.


For years, people have known ClearTrip and its reliable services for providing people online air ticket facility to travel by air, but now, ClearTrip has become another venture for train tickets as it has joined IRCTC. Being authorized by IRCTC, now travelers can get reliable train reservation services from clear trip online.

As we know that from time, ClearTrip has been providing awesome services and it has been appreciated as well. So, making your bookings for rails through this way would surely benefit you through convenient reservation. Like IRCTC, here at ClearTrip, users will get all the options that make your travel booking an ease.

Make My Trip

Like ClearTrip, Make My Trip is another new venture for railway booking in addition to IRCTC. This company is also known for years but earlier it was into air booking services providing business, but now, it has also developed a relation with IRCTC and now, it officially provides railway reservation services including booking or information related to various trains and availability to numerous people. So, if you are trying to get information about any of the trains, certainly make my trip can be a way to help you for sure.


This is another tourism company which is in existence for years and has earned a great name as well. But now, is also providing railway reservation and information about various train services to Indian passengers. So, in case you are in a hurry and trying IRCTC website and if you are not getting proper response from there, switching to their website can surely solve your problem.


In the list of the best IRCTC alternative websites, has also a place as this website caters people by providing relevant information about various trains and availability status, PNR status and also they can make their booking for desired trains quickly. Providing easy payment options and as the company Ezeego1 is an IRCTC authorized, so Indian passengers do not need to worry about and thus they can make their booking without any doubt for sure.

Thus, there are several alternative website options available in which we have brought up the best ones. We believe that with these alternative websites, passengers will feel ease as it would sort out their issue for railway reservation at some extent for sure. So, have a happy and safe journey, cheers!

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