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A search engine for travelling freaks : iXiGO

The Indian travel search engine ixigo basically lets you find the best deals in flights,hotels and buses with no spoofs.

Either you are a frequent traveller or an occasional one,you got to give this service a try ! It’s iXiGO.

iXiGO is an indian travel search engine which basically lets you find the best(probably the cheapest) deals in flights,hotels and buses.It’s one of the leading travel meta search engine focused on giving unbiased and comprehensive fare search to the users.

In their own words

iXiGO is a search of the traveler, by the traveler and for the traveler. When you use iXiGO, you retain complete control on your travel choices and preferences. You choose which provider you want to book with, and can complete the booking directly on the provider’s site. This ensures that you retain a direct relationship with travel vendors and complete a transaction more efficiently

iXiGO aggregates fares across airlines, buses and hotels to give the fastest and most competitive fares around.It isn’t a travel service provider or an online travel agency itself but an aggregator of majority of such service providers and agencies.

iXiGO is lead by Aloke Bajpai(CEO) and has been funded by BAF Spectrum,a seed investment fund.With more than a year after their launch,they have partnered with almost all the notable travel businesses,both online and offline in the three aspects of travel/tourism industry(flights,hotels and buses).

At the moment,iXiGO is receiving 200k pageviews a month and has recently added a mobile version of iXiGO for comfortable access to this travel engine.

The good part about iXiGO is that it shows you the amount/expense that will exactly hit your pocket(no spoofs) making things less crappy and more meaningful.It also offers a neatly worked UI that makes the overall experience much better.

The integration of Google Maps with iXiGO is remarkable and the addition of hotel searching(the latest to be added) makes this service a much better utility than the earlier one.

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