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Best Sites to Download Free eBooks

Ebooks helps a reader to read comfortably anywhere using smart phones tabs etc. Know the best sites to download free Ebooks.

If you’re a voracious reader then this is a must-have list of sites for you. You would be able to find out ebooks in PDF or other compatible formats on these sites and most likely, you will get them for free.

eBooks or electronic books are digital books which are readable on your personal computer, laptops, tablets, Smartphone and many other electronic devices. It is a soft copy of any normal book having similar text, images and contents. It is equally helpful, enjoyable as any other hard printed book.

eBooks come with various advantages over the normal books. As they are very handy, you can take them wherever and whenever you want. If you travel a lot and enjoy reading while travelling, you don’t have to increase your luggage by carrying books. All you have to do is carry either a laptop or tablet or a Smartphone or whatever you are comfortable with. You can even create a disk drive out of your books and you will be carrying your entire book library with you all the time.

Best Sites to Download Free EbooksIf today you have a computer and internet connection, you will have access to all kinds of education material through eBooks. You can download them and read them at any time. There are various websites which provide you with the facility of downloading free electronic books in various formats like .pdf, .epub, .doc, etc. Some such websites are mentioned below.


This website basically provides manuals and various other eBooks in PDF format. On this site you can find PDFs on various topics like Automotive, Aviation, Biographies, and Business. Apart from these topics, leisurely eBooks on career, foods and beverages, technology are also available for download, free of cost.


On this website, eBooks are available in PDF as well as other formats. Overall a pretty good site to keep you busy for days, even months. You can not only just find eBooks related to study material, but you can also find many novels and other entertaining stuff on this website.


This site is for literature lovers. From any classic novel from Shakespeare to Aesop, A Christmas Carol to The adventures of Tom Sawyer, only one place to have them all. You can download novels and other literary works for free on this website

Project Gutenberg

The website has around 39,000 eBooks to offer. Large variety of eBooks available in various formats like ePub, Kindle. The website has a very sleek interface and searching for eBooks on the site is very easy. Moreover, a mobile version of the site also exists which allows you to directly download eBooks to your Smartphone.


From technical stuff to tutorials, novels to magazines, the site has it all. On this website, users actually share their eBooks with other users, thus making it a very big library of eBooks. Another nice feature includes the recent top ten downloaded eBooks, and other such lists.

So head on to any of these websites and download the eBooks of your choice. Happy reading!

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