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90DI Travel makes travel searching ‘Simple & Natural’ !

90di travel search engine makes travel searching easier with natural language search

As the holiday season is fast approaching,the Indian travelling freaks(both frequent & occasional) have something to cheer for(as this service addresses one of their core concerns).The service we are talking about is 90DI Travel.

Usually,indians have to refer multiple sites for enquiring travel queries related to trains and flights and the user interface of Indianrailways site is not user-friendly at all.

90DI travel brings you all the required information(such as fare) for a journey by train or flight on a single page.It also gives you the seat availability status(very dynamic) of indian trains which is a definite plus to their service(this hasn’t been there in other such travel websites).

You can view your journey over the indian map(they have integrated mapsofindia API) as well.In their own words

90DI Travel aggregates information from all the airlines in India and the Indian railways.It combines the train and flight routes to show numerous traveling route possibilities to the user.Also it connects directly to the Airlines and Railways to get seat availability information in real-time

What makes them Unique !

  • Natural language search.Somebody can type in queries like “Bangalore to Agra tomorrow by train” or “Delhi to Bangalore on december 11” and get the desired results.
  • Mixed mode routing for flights and Trains that is,somebody can just type in Bangalore to Agra, and it will pull out the best routes across modes of travel – Trains and Flights. These are the two most common modes of long distance travel in India.

This bangalore based startup,co-founded by Khushnood,Kiran and Abhinit is bringing in more than 1,00,000 visits a month.And seeing the service and their future plans,their visitors will grow in number(atleast three folds in an year or so).

In the long term,this company intends to build Hi-Tech Internet products/applications for both Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business(B2B) space.

What still lacks !
  • Few of their search results give just too many results(too many permutations for a route) which seem good from a logical view but troublesome from a consumer’s perspective.It seems this issue might get fixed soon.
  • Also,as they have recently added a directory of local travel agents,they need to do the same with other travel aspects such as hotels as well.They can better represent their database of local agents within their search results only.For instance,if a user searches for ‘travel agents in delhi’ then he should get one of the relevant search results for it.
  • They also need to cater with other players in indian travel online landscape such as iXiGo,Nearhop and plenty of others.
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