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JobMuncher – Online Jobs and Job Listings Management

In this article we will tell you about jobmuncher online jobs and job listings management. JobMuncher is a new online jobs and candidate management website.

JobMuncher is the latest addition to a horde of online jobs websites that allow users to post job listings online for situations vacant in their organization. Most websites allow you to simply post an online listing consisting of the company’s name, the position offered and a brief description.

JobMuncher is the most recent entrant in this race for a comprehensive online jobs and candidate management system.

There is no dearth of online jobs websites over the internet. There even are websites focusing on job opportunities in a localized area. Everyday millions of online jobs are posted and replied to.

Enter JobMuncher, a spanking new job and candidate management website. We find that this online job listing website has some pretty interesting features to offer. What is special and unique about the JobMuncher system is that as opposed to most other portals, its services are not limited to listing your online jobs offers on its page.

 JobMuncher lets you add detailed descriptions and information about the position you are offering. You can include qualifications and required skills for aspiring candidates to get a measure of the expectations from them on job. You also have the option of attaching files and including images into your online jobs listing.

What really sets this online jobs website apart, is its great integration features with other social networks, and professional networks on the internet where your company may have a profile. It could directly display a feed of your listings onto your Facebook Page or into your Twitter account.

A widget available from their official website after you are signed up lets you display your listings on your blogs and web pages too; you don’t have to explain your openings elsewhere. JobMuncher can also take in feeds from other online jobs portals where your listings are posted, so that you need not separately enter the information everywhere.

The initial job listing is free of cost, though later you can pick any one of the pricing packages the company offers.

  • Basic Plan – $19.95 per month
  • Standard Plan – $99.95 per month
  • Premium Plan- $199.95 per month

A list of the features in each of these plans is available on their website. They even have options for customized plans. Each of your job listings is assigned a unique URL too.

All in all, JobMuncher is one of the better online jobs and candidate management systems you will come across. Its feature rich plans and good customer support make it a good choice to post your online jobs listings with.

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