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Tricks to Score a Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC

Tatkal tickets get booked very fast. This article will tell you some important tricks to score a Tatkal ticket from IRCTC.

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties and you never knowing when an emergency would demand your presence in any part of the country. Getting a tatkal ticket which is released just 2 days before the train departure is really a tough thing to get under any given emergency. Since IRCTC blocked the “Quick Book” section confirming a tatkal ticket has become almost an insurmountable task.Tricks to score a tatkal ticket from irctc

If you want to get your ticket from the reservation center then you will have to stand in the queue from 3:30 am contending the travel agencies.

Whereas booking ticket online might get even more grueling because there might be a deadlock when the online process starts sharp at 8A.M. To dodge the validation layer of the IRCTC is really tough. Yet, there are some tricks which might make you lucky.

Remember that every second matters grab hold of a ticket. You have to be an exceptionally fast touch-typist or else before you fill your passenger details form all the ticket at hands are sold out already.

Since the website operates on the first come first-served basis you have to have really fast reflexes to increase your chance of securing a ticket.

This is where tools like magic auto fill will help. This is a simple but useful tool that will fill all the necessary reservation information automatically in a short span of time which in turn increases your chances to score a ticket.

Go to about ten minutes prior to the start of online reservation and complete the form. This is an exact twin of the form that is provided by the Indian railways. Once you have filled all the necessary fields then click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button. This will automatically generate a Magic Auto fill button that you need to drag and pin on the bookmarks toolbar.

When the reservation process starts all you have to do is click the same auto fill pin tab that is bookmarked on your toolbar and hurray! Your railway form is automatically filled and you can effortlessly jump to the payment section.

It might just happen that the IRCTC form might not have every field that is already present on the Auto fill website (for example ID details or Food preference) and in such a case you can just skip those fields that are put up on the Magic Auto fill site. It is always nice to do an experiment run and fill only the criteria asked by your particular train.

If not magic auto fill, all the recent browsers have their auto complete feature that does the same work. It has been noticed that many times transactions fail on its last hurdle i.e. payment section.

To eschew this possibility it would be nice that you use a faster payment gateway. Whenever you will make any transaction, the service will transfer to your home banking site and then after completing its job there it will bring you back to the IRCTC page.

Avoid getting into the gateways that will take you through more than two pages to meet its security criteria. There are some bank sites that use virtual keyword for security PIN to safeguard your pin from getting hacked. Prefer not using them because they will take you more time to complete the process than trying your PIN.

Apart from these clever tricks there are some minimalistic measures that you can take to ensure that the end is met.

Log on to the website well in advance because the website limitation hits its limit due to the fact that as soon as the process opens, thousands of people trying to avail the same site for the same reason at 8 A.M.

The server gets loaded at 7:45 A.M, so it’s better to access the account well before 7:30. After filling all the criteria all you should do is to keep the session alive till 8A.M in order to complete the payment process. Every browser has its own apps and plug-ins to keep a session alive.

Keep all your necessary details at hand. This includes from station code and to station code, train details and ID card number.

Avoid clicking on the ’Find Trains’ button because it sometimes leads to errors. It is smart to open more than one browser and continue process of getting a ticket simultaneously so that if one browser fails the other will be there to back you up.

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