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US Says “Bye-Bye TikTok” Unless ByteDance Sells the App

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


US Says “Bye-Bye TikTok” Unless ByteDance Sells the App

US President Joe Biden has signed the bill that could potentially lead to ban on TikTok in the US market. However, TikTok can escape this ban if its Chinese parent company ByteDance agrees to sell its US operation to a American company. ByteDance will get up to one year to find a buyer that needs to be approved by the US government. But if it fails to find a buyer then TikTok will be banned outrightly in the US, which is its largest market. The Biden government has cited national security concerns, fearing that China might use TikTok to spy on Americans or spread disinformation in the country.


Ditch the Password! iPhone WhatsApp Gets Secure Login Upgrade

WhatsApp has announced that it is enabling passkey support on iOS devices. The feature is currently rolling out and should be available to all iPhone users within the next few weeks. This is certainly a great news for all iPhone and iPad users as it offers a more secure and convenient way to log in to their WhatsApp accounts. Passkeys replace traditional passwords with a more secure method. They eliminate the risk of stolen passwords or intercepted SMS codes used for two-factor authentication. Additionally, logging in with Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode is faster and easier than remembering and entering complex passwords. Overall, by implementing passkeys, WhatsApp is following a growing trend towards a more secure and user-friendly login experience.


Threads may soon Let You Clean Up Your Digital Dust

Threads, the microblogging platform owned by Meta, is currently testing a new feature that allows users to automatically archive their old posts. This feature will enable automatic cleanup of your old posts as users will have the option to automatically hide their posts from their profile after a specific period of time, such as 30 days, 6 months, or even a year. Users will also get more control over their content since they can access and unarchive them whenever they want. However, this feature won’t be all that useful for all those who want to keep a record of their online history or concern about losing valuable memories or content.


AI Powerhouse Nvidia Snags Run:ai in $700M Deal

Chip manufacturing giant Nvidia has announced that it is acquiring f Run:ai, an Israeli startup specializing in AI infrastructure orchestration and management. The deal is estimated to be worth $700 million. This move signifies Nvidia’s growing focus on the artificial intelligence sector, particularly in the realm of cloud-based AI solutions. Run:ai’s technology helps manage and optimize AI workloads on various computing platforms, including cloud environments. This expertise could strengthens Nvidia’s own cloud AI offering, Nvidia DGX Cloud. Overall, this acquisition highlights the increasing importance of cloud platforms for AI development and deployment. It could lead to further competition and innovation in the cloud AI space.

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