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VR Wars Heat Up: Meta opens up Horizon OS to Hardware Companies.

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VR Wars Heat Up: Meta opens up Horizon OS to Hardware Companies.

Meta is making its Horizon OS, the operating system powering Meta Quest headsets, available to other manufacturers. Asus, Lenovo, and surprisingly, Microsoft’s Xbox have partnered with Meta to develop VR headsets using Horizon OS. This move could significantly expand the VR market beyond Meta’s own devices. As a result, more players could enter the VR space, leading to faster innovation, wider device options at different price points, and a more robust VR ecosystem. This move is also seen as a direct challenge to Apple, which is heavily rumored to be developing its own VR headset with a tightly controlled ecosystem. Overall, Meta’s decision to open up Horizon OS can prove to be a significant development and gamechanger for the entire VR industry.


IOS 18 AI features to be powered by ‘entirely on-device’ LLM: Report

According to unconfirmed reports, Apple is reportedly developing its own large language model to power AI features entirely on-device for iOS 18. If these reports are true then this will certainly help Apple in enhancing its users’ privacy since data won’t leave iPhone and other Apple devices. On-device LLM can also help in processing speed, which can result in faster response times compared to cloud-based AI. However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. For instance, On-device LLMs might be less powerful than cloud-based solutions offered by competitors like Google. Overall, this approach aligns with Apple’s walled garden approach that overwhelmingly focuses on user privacy. It will be interesting to see how these features shape up in iOS 18 and how they compare to existing AI functionalities on other platforms.


Ray-Ban Meta glasses now feature Apple Music integration with voice controls

Ray-Ban Meta glasses has just received an important update, allowing for full-integration of Apple Music with Ray-Ban Meta glasses with voice control features. This means you can now enjoy Apple Music on your Ray-Ban Meta glasses with hands-free control through voice commands like “Hey Meta” followed by your music preference. Apple Music listeners can play specific songs, artists, playlists, or even radio stations by using simple voice commands. You can connect your Apple Music account directly to the glasses through the Meta View app, which is used for pairing and managing Ray-Ban Meta. Overall, this integration streamlines music listening on Ray-Ban Meta glasses, making it effortless and hands-free.


Google Podcasts is closing down internationally in June

Google Podcasts is officially shutting down for international users in June . Google is pushing users to migrate to YouTube Music, their music streaming platform, which now integrates podcasts as well. Google is offering a migration tool to help users transfer their subscriptions and listening history from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music. There’s a grace period until July 29, 2024, for Google Podcast users to export their subscription data using an OPML file. However, it must be noted that some features will be missing on YouTube Music like dedicated podcast browsing, episode organization, and notifications for new episodes.

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