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TechPluto Flashback : Best of September

Month of September has been great for TechPluto by far.We featured a number of tech startups,covered a lot of tech grapewine,compared web technologies,compiled interesting listings and last but not the least,got decent feedback from our readers as well.

Not to forget our re-ideation,just before the start of this month…

So,here we are listing the write-ups that our readers liked the most…(It will be good specially for those who just in case missed out any of them)


Date : Sept 1,2008

Title : ‘cuil’ might be the next Microsoft acquisition !b1.jpg

There has already been a lot of talks of cuil’s claims and then it’s performance from Day 1 of their launch but one thing is crystal clear…it certainly takes a lot of guts…more


Date : Sept 1,2008

Title : What is Web 3.0 Anyway ?b2.jpg

There has already been a lot of buzz in the blogosphereregarding ‘Knol’,coz it’s none other than “Google’s baby” and expectations are really high from it.Things like ‘Google may bless it’s newborn child more


Date : Sept 3,2008

Title : Chrome vs. IE8 : And the winner among the latest two is…b31.jpg

IE8,despite being much improved and evolved than its previous version has been completely overshadowed by the recent launch of Chrome.After having our first hand-on experience with Chrome,the reaction was…more


Date : Sept 3,2008b42.jpg

Title : Mozilla kicks Chrome’s ass.Gets TraceMonkey to the front

They are back !…But not with an upgraded Mozilla but with a sneak peak at the Mozilla’s next delivery Mozilla 3.1.According to one if their coders Brendan Eich,they have tested their browser with a new engine in place called Tracemonkey,which they believe will make Mozilla,even faster than Chrome…more


Date : Sept 4,2008b53.jpg

Title : 5 “Unconventional” yet “Highly influential” professions on the Web !

Nowadays,you will find a huge number of people(kids included) striving to become a “Famed Blogger”,a “Professional Digger”, a “Social media expert” or a “ Clueless hacker” and they have reasons for it…more


Date : Sept 5,2008

Title : Teacher’s Day Special : Five frontrunners of “e-learning 2.0”b62.jpg

They are open(unlike closed,transaction based systems),community fueled(unlike tutor sourced) and employ Web 2.0 technologies to execute their mission(and that’s actually a special and unique thing about this list).They defy the old methods of learning on the web andmore


Date : Sept 7,2008b71.jpg

Title : Why developers are dumping PHP for ColdFusion

It’s costly,it isn’t ‘open source’ but still it’s becoming a handy replacement of PHP(and .NET) for plenty of developers worldwide.And there are a number of reasons why PHP guys are preferring ColdFusion nowadays.more


Date : Sept 8,2008b81.jpg

Title : Five reasons why ‘NOT’ to buy an iPhone3G

They launched iPhone3G in India on Aug 22,2008.Since that day, all the iPhone3G hype that was created has been literally busted and the indian masses(we mean,the iPhone crazy guys) are looking to drop their plans to buy an iPhone3G…more


Date : Sept 9,2008

Title : Experience seamless ‘Foreign language learning’ with “Myngle”b9.jpg

With an angel funding of $1.1 Mn,it appears that Myngle has made a smart utilization of the money it fed into the system.The website is easy to use and the tools provided for language learning look intelligent enough…more


Date : Sept 10,2008

Title : Five popular websites which ‘desperately’ need a re-designb101.jpg

Craigslist attracts hundreds of millions of visitors every month as it serves as a local classified for more than 500 cities in 50 countries.It was founded in the early days of web and survived the dot-com bubble stage as well.Today,when Web 3.0 is on its way,this website still appears like the same old 1995 web service…more


Date : Sept 11,2008

Title : Why TechCrunch50 has been a BIG disappointment !b11.jpg

TC50 had a neck-to-neck competition with DEMO and they were scoring pointing over DEMO in many ways,but the results have really disappointed not just us but a lot of guys keeping an eagle eye over this event..

We aren’t aware of the parameters that were counted in this decision but the decision could be a lot better than what it is nowmore


Thanks to all our readers…

Keep your eye over this Technology Planet…Coz “This is just the beginning !

See ya,

Prashant Sharma


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