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What is Web 3.0 Technology ?

Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform.

Web 2.0 has been there for quite a while and now it’s Web 3.0 which pweb 3.0eople wants to hear about but has there been any service oriented to Web 3.0 by far and what actually is this “Web 3.0” ?

According to Calacanis,

“Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform”

Some other folks call it “A Semantic Web“(holds true to a large extent).

Our perspective :

High quality content is already there on the web(mostly hidden,poorly indexed) but the issue is regarding the platforms which let the high quality content come out at the top.

All such platforms, eg. Squidoo, Hubpages, Helium, eHow and hundreds of others (Wikipedia,being an exception,focussing majorly on the content) care more about the quantity and less about the quality of the content.Only a meagre chunk of their “content bank” is actually ‘rich’ in value.

High quality content isn’t a perogative of “gifted individuals only”.It can come out of anybody who has(already or developed) a sensible and deep insight into something

Hence,if a “Right” platform is there to serve the purpose,the same old knowledge bearers can build a less crappy, more organised “Semantic Web”.

So,is there any service on the web right now,carrying all the qualities that Web 3.0 asks for ?

Yes,there is….It’s Google Knol

There has already been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere regarding ‘Knol’,coz it’s noneknol1 other than “Google’s baby” and expectations are really high from it.Things like ‘Google may bless it’s newborn child‘ or ‘Will Squidoo survive this budding whale‘ and many such things have been roaring the blogs,long before its launch.But,prior to its launch,it’s no havoc that knol has caused the way it was hyped or talked about.

It’s growing in a modest way till now and gearing up slowly on search engines with the calibur of its content quality.But the untalked part about knol is its “approach” in getting the content writers to its platform.


Their attitude truly indicates that Knol isn’t in a hurry to sign up millions of users and get something or the other(their ‘passions’ or whatever) out of themIt rather asks for a intellectual, sensible and well-thought write-up(which they call it ‘knol‘) about anything that exists.

It may be a ‘concept in physics‘,’an electric guitar‘ or a ‘gaming console‘ but the aim is to get a ‘rich’ knol for that thing from the user.For credibility sake,they flash out the background(qualificationexperiencedesignation) of the writer to a great extent.

So,Knol,besides being a bit controversial looks to be a promising Web 3.0 service and might become a pioneer in this new generation of web…

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