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‘cuil’ might be the Next Microsoft Acquisition…!

If  ‘cuil’ refines its search indexing and Microsoft plans to acquire it and fight out with Live-cuil against Google,they may win against the current dominant

There has already been a lot of talks of cuil’s claims and then it’s performance from Day 1 of their launch but one thing is crystal clear…

It certainly takes a lot of guts to even think of competing in a market(we mean,online search industry),which is already been over-saturated and even bigger guts to challenge the ‘Titan of Internet Industry‘ on its homeground.
pic11.jpg‘Cuil’ was in the limelight much before it’s month old release(Launch date : 27th July) for solely one reason…they were openly challenging the ‘Whale of Search Industry’ and were claiming to make searching even more intense,effective,deeper and gruelling.

Whoever has tasted this ‘shouting kid’ in the past month must not have even thought of making ‘cuil’ their ‘new’ homepage rather than ‘Google’.And according to us,the ‘victims’ and the ‘criminals’ are the same in this case.(we mean,’cuil’ itself)

Considering the results that ‘cuil’ is showing up(both quantitatively and qualitatively),the innovation in displaying the results,and the time it has been there as a live service(just about a month),it certainly seems to be a “Promising” search destination.But the comparisons with a “decade old search engine” made all the efforts of ‘cuil’ appear so tiny(or rather dumb)

If ‘Live'(again,decade old) is compared with ‘cuil’,the relevancy of results with complex keyword searches such as “tetra”(as in ‘mobile radio technology’),cuil stands out a clear winner between the two.

So,what’s next for ‘cuil‘…..

We expect an acquisition by Microsoft….and here’s why we suspect this deal…

Possible reasons :

  • Cuil challenges ‘Google’ and looks promising as well…what it needs is a BIG support(in every possible sense)…All these factors go in favour of Microsoft
  • Microsoft desperately needs a new “improved” search service under its belt(i wonder,how many guys still go for for searching purpose)
  • “Cuil” has what Microsoft doesn’t…we mean “path-breaking team of ex-googlers”

What Next ?

If ‘cuil’ remains ‘cool’ and refines its search indexing to an exceptional level(sply. the correct mapping of thumbnail images with listed results) and Microsoft plans to acquire it and rather fight out with both its weapons(Live and cuil) against the Big Daddy “Google”,The future picture of search industry may not be the same as of now.

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