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Yammer TechCrunch50 winner has been a BIG disappointment

Yammer Techcrunch50 winner has already been chosen. The reason why the winners decision was a disappointment are given below.

First of all,let the confession go first….tc50logo_thumb

We admire TechCrunch because of the content it delivers with almost no ‘silent'(NO hot discussions) period.And our level of enthusiasm was above average when TC50 was going on..BUT,the results(the winner of TC50) came as a BIG UPSET after such an well-hyped event(as we all say,”all’s well that ends well” but here the end wasn’t that well)

TC50 had a neck-to-neck competition with DEMO and they were scoring pointing over DEMO in many ways,but the results have really disappointed not just us but a lot of guys keeping an eagle eye over this event..

And let’s not forget the so called “winners” of this event….it’s Yammer

This is how TC briefs up the winner of TC50…

Yammer is Twitter with a business model,created by an existing company,Geni,to scratch its own itch.Yammer takes the familiar Twitter messaging system and applies it to internal corporate communications.There is such a huge demand for this type of service that 10,000 people and 2,000 organizations signed up for the service the first day it launched on Monday.Anyone with a corporate e-mail can sign up and follow other people in their company.But,if a company wants to claim its users,and gain administrative control over them,they will have to pay.It’s a brilliant business model

We aren’t aware of the parameters that were counted in this decision but the decision could be a lot better than what it is now…

These are the reasons why winner’s decision was a disappointment…


Yammer is Twitter with a business model“,says TC so that means if the very same business model is employed by twitter to its current network,then Yammer has no identity at all..Right ? This definiton sounds more like an ‘extension of twitter’ rather than a ‘uniquely identifiable startup


But,if a company wants to claim its users,and gain administrative control over them,they will have to pay says TC so that means an employee’s micro-blogging will be administered by the employer/company which sounds so stupid…isn’t it !

Is it possible that if a guy had a party last night(when actually,he was supposed to complete a office task) then he will twitter(in this case,yammer) this ?(which is expected to be read by his employer) Or if he is planning to go for his own startup and kick off his job then he will yammer that….Forget it !

Just imagine Twitter being administered by your employer(he is keeping an eye over your next tweet !)…Majority of twitter lovers will stop tweeting…

In such a case,Twitter won’t remain “What are you doing ?”

It will change to “Anything you wanna discuss with your boss ?”

And that’s the reason why twitter won’t(or shouldn’t) take this step anyway.

This will also reduce the productivity of an employee as most of the times,company’s grapewine will be floating on employee’s yammers and there will always be a “Officially granted source of deviation” for the employee to access

There were some cool startups like Atmosphir,Fitbit,Swype and others who reached the finals but unfortunately,couldn’t win the finale but we believe,they all have a great potential to make it BIG in the tech world.

Good luck to all the startups featured on TC50 and to “Yammer”(they need it the most) as well…

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