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How to Turn Off Follower Requests on Twitter

Feeling annoyed due to the  follower requests on Twitter. This article will guide you on turning off the follower requests on Twitter.

Let’s face it; being followed now and then is definitely not a great feeling!  It is more like you are “being watched” 24 hours 7 days a week! Thanks to social media our private lives have long gone public. No matter how much you love to be the social network’s hero. At times you might feel “This is IT” And that’s precisely the reason why you must be reading this post.

The Basics

A lot matters on how you stage your social presence. To begin with, your tweets. It makes perfect sense to protect them. After all social media is like an open playground and you don’t know most of your “followers”.  Protected tweets will enable you to review and confirm requests before anybody can view your activity on Twitter. Next, it is up to you to approve or deny your potential follower’s brigade. Social media are indeed engaging but security must be given paramount importance.

Well, if you are wondering if there is any way by which you can permanently stop Follower requests. Frown-time, as there is none. It is expected, if you are on social media, you would be open to “connect”. It is true, that you can’t stop people from connecting to you or following you. You can definitely control the way you are being followed.

The Steps How to Turn Off Follower Requests on Twitter

Once you set your profile to Protected tweets, you would need to authorize every follower request; application request or any sort of request from any other Twitter user or application group. Login to your Twitter account and access your profile. Look for the “Me” tab and then locate the “Follower Requests” option. You will find this option in the center panel. On another new window you are given an option to allow or deny individual requests.

Block Individual Followers

One fine day, you might find out that your follower list is filled with not much known or relevant people and you wish to scrap out few of them. It is only a minute’s task. Access your twitter account. Choose “Followers” to get the list of people following you. Mark the follower/ or followers you wish to block. Hit the gear button on his profile and click block

Further Reading; Stop Twitter from Sending Follower Notification Emails

Notification emails look exciting in the beginning but soon you might find your mailbox over-flowing with exorbitant emails about anything and everything happening on Twitter! To stop this permanently, login to your Twitter account. Click on the “person” icon on the extreme right corner of the top menu bar and hit “Settings”. Choose the option “Email notifications”. Under the condition “Email me when… Uncheck the radio box next to “I’m followed by someone new.”. De-select any other options for which you would not like to receive an e-mail.

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