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Most Influential Professions on the Web

Profession is what defines the career of an indivdual. Some of the most influential professions on the web are creating a new breed of web entrepreneurs.

Nowadays,you will find a huge number of people(kids included) striving to become a Famed Blogger,Pro Digger, a Social media expert or a Hacker

Gone are those days when a 14 yr old child used to study day & night to cherish his dream,and by the word “Dream” we mean “Engineer”,”Scientist”,Manager and endless list of other conventional professionals.

The “New age buds” have a sort of “unusual” dreams now…(that’s what their parents say !)

Nowadays,you will find a huge number of people(kids included) striving to become a “Famed Blogger”,a “Professional Digger”, a “Social media expert” or a “Hacker” and they have reasons for it…

All these “New Age Professions“(Yup!,today,they are all full fleshed professions) are making news all over and influencing the Web(as well as daily life) like never before.

So,here is a list (with a brief-up) of five such professions which are the “Dream” of a young blood today(considering the intellectional and well-educated population of the world)


Pro-blogging : It was 1997,when term Blogging was introduced to online public and till 2003,it was merely referred as “A way to express one’s thoughts on the Web”.It’s 2008 now and Blogging has already influenced the Web like nothing else.

Today, there are tens of thousands of bloggers worldwide making their living out of a “mere”(that’s what used to be said) blog.

There is a long list of bloggers which have been so influencial in nature that their opinion about anything matters to millions of people worldwide.And talking about the money,Pro-bloggers are cruising to create the “military of millionaires” in the world of internet


Social media Advisory : As the Web evolved into Web 2.0, Social Media started influencing the world of internet in a viral manner.

Parallely,it gave birth to the profession of “Social Media Experts” who know,what it takes to get the thing noticed on the social web/media.

Their circle of influence is also widespread and so is their impact and hence the list of their clients is ever increasing.

Obviously,they charge healthy amount for their efforts but it’s worth what they offer to their clients.

It takes a highly skilled individual(technology geek with a marketing brain) to exploit social media effectively on the web.


Pro-Digging : The population of “Power diggers” isn’t big in number but the “region of influence” is quite big.Digg,in itself commands billions of pageviews every month,and whoever makes it to the Digg homepage has its reasons to party.

Besides Digg,being a social bookmarking tool(which is expected to be organic),”Power diggers” are the ones which influence the system in a BIG way.They can make articles/posts gain instant popularity within no time.

And they charge big bucks for it,ranging from $100-1500 for making an article reach the Digg homepage(They charge so high because of their hard-earned reputation on Digg).As this profession is also gaining popularity,people will take this even more seriously as an incredible money making source in the future


SEO/SEM Consultancy : They may not seem very unusual to you but they are highly influencial when it comes to internet space.It is a widely proven fact that search engines can make or break anybody’s fate on world wide web and SEO/SEM analysts play a critical role in shaping that fate for their clients(and themselves)

If Pro-diggers command Digg’s homepage then SEO experts(exceptionally good) command Google/Yahoo/MSN’s first page on keyword basis.

As far as money is concerned,they make plenty of bucks in the process of taking their clients (and themselves) up the search engine chart ranking.As the efforts have to be continuous and consistent to maintain a high rank on search engines,they never remain out of work(bcoz,clients sort of become dependent on these guys)

Scamming/Cracking : If there are good guys,bad guys are also playing their critical role in influencing the Web(in a negative way,of course).

DOS(Denial of Service) attack and Credit card scams are a fun activity for these guys.

They prefer “Phishing” over “Fishing” and “Click fraud” is the safest activity for them to shell out few bucks.But apart from negatively influencing the web,a bunch of them are making real big bucks thorugh it.

For instance,there are hundreds of guys shelling out more than $20K per month doing mere Click fraud(with endless tricks)

According to a survey,more than 76% of email-ids(more than 6 months old) are regularly spammed with “fraud mails/scams” and victims keep getting trapped by the unrealistic mails they receive.


The list could go on but taking time contraints into consideration,we end this list here only…(that’s why we pre-defined our target in the title itself)…

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