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Phishing Scams, Site Blockage, Trademark Disputes & Lots of Money…All That Happening With Facebook

facebook logoThere was a news saying about the Facebook phishing scams. This article will tell you about those scams.

Facebook users can join friends and networks organized by city and region to connect and interact with other people on Facebook com.

Facebook , the popular social network most of us are addicted to, is juggling with a lot of troubles these days. And it’s not one but many issues that are bugging Facebook time and again. The latest issues include ‘heavy phishing scam’, ‘countrywide site blockage’ and ‘trademark disputes’. Good news is ‘More money‘ for Facebook. Let’ take a look at all of them one by one.

Heavy Phishing Attacks on Facebook

Over the last one week, the Anti-spamming team at Facebook was fighting a potential spam attack which was quite visible all across the site. Plenty of shortened links(using tinyurl, etc) were floating all around, duping thousands of folks out there. Although this particular spam attack was quite a headache for Facebook to handle but the situation seems to be getting in control now.

Countrywide Facebook blockage

There were a lot of rumors about Facebook’s ban in Iran for hardly any reason. The rumors were somewhat true and the reason for the ban by Iranian government is to prevent an opposition leader from gathering his supporters and running promotional campaigns using Facebook.

Now if a country’s government can ban a popular social network such as Facebook to stop the opposition from promoting their campaigns on the web,’Twitter‘ might be their next target, i suppose. Anyways, the ban on Facebook is seemingly temporary and will soon be lifted.

Facebook Trademark Disputes

I think, this has become quite a trend now. Any garage startup that hits the Bull’s eye has to juggle with a trademark dispute when it’s just about to turn into a mainstream business. It recently happened with Android and now it was Facebook’s turn.

There was a long pending trademark dispute with Facebook since late 2007 with Aaron Greenspan, the dispute which used to gain some attention from time to time but was never taken that seriously by the media and Facebook itself. In late 2008, the dispute went rigorously legal and now the news is that Aaron Greenspan has gone for a settlement with Facebook.

And no surprises with such an end of the case. Probably, this is how most of such genuine trademark disputes end.

More Funding For Facebook

With bad news comes the good news  for Facebook as well. Facebook has just announced that it has accepted an investment of $200 Million from Digital Sky Technologies in exchange for a 1.96 percent equity stake, valuing Facebook at over $10 Billion. Now, the total investment in Facebook has collectively crossed $715 Million. That’s huge, isn’t it !

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