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Indian IT Mammoth “TCS” Website Hacked

Indian company TCS hacked by some anonymous group. TCS are providers for countless private and public sector projects across and beyond the country.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a grand name in Indian IT Industry, a brand that’s publicly traded and counted as one of the most elite IT solution providers for countless private and public sector projects across and beyond the country, has recently been hacked by some anonymous hacker group.

It brings nothing less than tons of shame to the IT Giant that consults/sells enterprise solutions to other companies (both Indian and foreign) for security and all other facets of IT.

If you would pay a visit to the homepage of TCS right now then you would see the message shown below…

Indian company TCS hacked

The message has been written in “french” and the email id highlights “UK” as the native country of the hacker. It looks certain that the hacker (or the whole group) is less probable to be British (“UK” is just to disguise the site visitors). It could still be french in my opinion.

Some significant points to note here….

  • As Careers page of TCS official is very much active, there’s no ambiguity that its a pure DNS hack(for more on DNS, go here)
  • If you carefully look at the DNS redirection (reload the site and keep staring at the bottom of your browser), you can figure out that is being hijacked to ( having the same redirection page)
  • Now “Pactole” is a french word (that means “bonanza” by the way) which increases the possibility of this hack from some french group. The server hosting is also located in France itself (Aubervilliers, France)
  • Generally, any such hacker groups love flaunting their abilities by explicitly posting their group Codename on the hacked site (remember Twitter hack, Techcrunch hack) but this hacker/group seems to be a little shy in their approach.
  • Rather than posting any offensive message on the redirected page, the hacker has choosen to flash a “Domain For Sale” message. This indicates that the hack attempt is more of casual and has not been attempted out of frustration or anything of that sort. There might be some french guy having wild fun on sundays, that’s it !
  • Looking at the reputation of TCS, it is an unbelievably lame retaliation from the Indian IT Giant in handling their own hack. It’s well over 5 hours and the the site has still not been recovered.

We will update as and when the site gets back on track !

Update : TCS Site is up and running now. Just to explore things a little more, we sent a mail to the mail id mentioned on the redirected page(hacked one) and we also got a reply from the hacker.

I am a poor person can not find work
If you really paid the amount $….,I swear to you that leave you and your business and I will protect your domain from hacker hack.


After getting the reply, we traced back the email and it is confirmed that the email originated from Algeria, (not france). Hence, it’s confirmed that this hack attempt was done by some algerian hacker.

Anyways, the issue is over and things are at peace.

Source : TC

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