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The Best Online Tools to Check Web Security

This article illustrates some of the best online tools to check web security. The complete details of some tools are given below.

Websites are becoming increasingly complex as days go by and static websites are becoming a thing of the past. In this situation, even an insignificant site  has a newsletter and or contact forms. Many people have built their sites using CMS system tools or their websites are using 3rd Party plugin services, with the result that they do not have effective control over the sites.

Even with websites that are 100 percent hand-coded, they believe that what they have shaped is extremely safe and secure; in spite of this a specific character might not be disinfected or they do not know of an attacking method that is wholly new. Hence, it is hard to state that their my website remains safe without making tests confirm that it is indeed safe. Fortunately, there are innumerable free and powerful testing tools for website application securities and those can be utilized to distinguish possible gaps.

Netsparker for Windows

The best online tools to check web security

This is the community edition of Netsparker which comes equipped with a series of features that are false positive as well as free. This application easily recognizes SQL Injection + cross site scripting objects. Once scanned, it displays the solutions along with the subjects, thus letting you to have a glimpse of the browser view as well as HTTP request and or response.

Websecurify for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Websecurify is a free tool that is easy to ease and it can normally identify vulnerabilities in web applications by means of advanced discovery as well as protesting technologies that can generate reports and exported as multiple formats. The tool remains multilingual too and extensible using  add on support.

Wapiti for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Wapiti, an open source, web-based tool scans every web page of those applications that are web bases, attending to forms and scripts into which it injects data.
As it was developed along with Python, it can detect:

1. Errors in file handling
2. XSS, Database, CRLF and LDAP injections
3. Detection of command executions

N-Stalker for Windows

This free open source tool performs restricted but powerful series of assessment checks of web security. It checks as much as 100 web-pages simultaneously doing web server as well as cross site checks.

Skipfish for windows

This is a wholly automated and powerful investigation tool for web security, truly lightweight as well as appealing in nature. It  can perform 2000 requests per second. Skipfish boasts of automatic learning abilities, on the formation of fly wordlist and form auto completion of forms. It comes with low false/positive, discrepancy security inspections that can spot various types of  delicate errors, making use of njection vectors that are blind.

Scrawlr for Windows

Scrawlr is a free software to check vulnerabilities in SQL injection on web applications. The HP Web Security Research Group developed it in collaboration with the Microsoft Security Response Center.

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