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Best Websites To Send Fax For Free

This article will tell you some of the best websites to send a fax for free. Some of the websites are given below.

Before the advent of the email, documents were sent as fax messages on a machine designed specifically for the purpose. However, it had a disadvantage: it needed toner and paper in large quantities.  Fortunately all that is changed now. You still might want to send fax messages, but it is not at all necessary to purchase fax machines to do so. Anyone can send them right from your PC, that too without paying anything. To make this easier, there any number of websites that allow you to send all kinds of fax messages of all kinds from your computer. Five of the more important of them are detailed below:

1. FaxZero Best Websites To Send Fax For Free

With FaxZero, you are able to send three fax messages at the most as also a cover, with a maximum of five faxes per day, all without spending a red cent. You can send docx or doc and pdf files, with a ceiling of 20MB for every document. And for all these, you only need an e-mail address. As soon as you send the fax, you are provided with a URL which is your personal fax status-page. Save it as you won’t get it again for it displays your fax status. You can send faxes to anywhere in USA as also Canada for free, although there is a fee for international faxing.

2. MyFax

Best Websites To Send Fax For Free If you want to send free international fax messages MyFax is just for you. You are free to send two faxes every day about ten pages in length with a maximum of 10 MB. You can fax files such as doc, Excel, PowerPoint pdf, JPG, tif, and GIF. Once you send the fax, a confirmation email message will be sent to you. Also, you can avail yourself of a fax number, toll free for a trial period of one month with which you can not only send a good 100 faxes but also receive 200 faxes absolutely free. With this service, it is possible to fax documents to 40 countries.

3. Got Free Fax 

Best Websites To Send Fax For Free With this fax service, you can send not only doc and pdf files, but also rtf and odt files. However faxes are limited to two per day with a maximum of three pages.Prepaid and premium faxes are also available and they are sent as encrypted files to safeguard the faxed data. This service is available only in Canada and the U.S.


This service allows you to convey internet files also, apart from the other usual file formats. FaxFree comes with three separate packages. To get started you can go for the 30-day trial option.

5. HelloFax Best Websites To Send Fax For Free

With HelloFax it is possible to dispatch free faxes to all international numbers, although you require a Google Drive or hotmail account for that.  All faxes you send are stored as copies either in your account in Google Drive or in SkyDrive itself. You can send the documents as image or doc files. Once you sign up for SkyDrive, you get five fax pages for free. One disadvantage here is that, a monthly fee is charged for receiving faxes.


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