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Motion Cameras for Home Security

Time of believing a security guard has gone, now people take security camera more seriously. Get an idea on motion cameras for home security.

Home security has greatly improved since the previous decade. Now, whenever you are heading out on a vacation upstate or on an extended Europe tour, you do not have to fully rely on your neighbors. Technology has made is possible for you to monitor your house remotely while you are away and keep is safe and sound from the inside out 24/7. In this post let us have a look at some of the very good home security systems / motion camera from various brands that ensure better protection of your house while you are not present there.

1. Logitech Security Cameras

Logitech offers you home security solutions that are very customizable and very easy to set up. You may visit the official site and build your own security panel based on your personal preferences within no time at all. You can opt for either an indoor camera network or an outdoor camera panel and you may or may not include the night vision cameras in them. The website helps you in choosing the right set up for you while maintaining your budget as well.

You will be incurring an amount of $ 79.99 in order to make your camera feeds mobile or web accessible. With this remote system you can also control your cameras to change views including panning and zooming features.

Best For: Exteriors and interiors for stores and houses.

Price: The base price for starting systems in around $ 300.

Features: Connects easily to your home’s power supply, 720p HD video recording, e-mail or mobile alerts, motion detection etc.

2. Dropcam Wi-Fi Monitoring HD Camera

When you are basking on your terrace or pacing up while walking your dog, with Dropcam you can always keep an eye on what is happening inside your house. This thin Wi-Fi supported HD video camera will provide you the live feed from whichever direction you point it to. It has motion and audio detection that alerts you someone’s presence immediately. The two way audio allows you to contact the persons around the camera remotely. The company claims a fast setup within 60 seconds and the feed is secure and encrypted on the Dropcam servers.

Best For: Interiors and when you are in short range.

Price: Starts at $ 149 including iOS and Android apps.

Features: Wi-Fi connectivity, 720p HD video recording, e-mail or mobile alerts, motion and audio detection, two-way audio.

3. VueZone

This is a setup recommended for those home owners who are really hassled by wires and software installations. The VueZone camera can be strategically attached to anything for a perfect view. You can then monitor the live feed wirelessly via your computer or smartphone at your work.

Best For: Interiors.

Price: Starts at $ 199.99 including iOS and Android apps.

Features: Motion detection, 640p recording, digital zoom and pan, e-mail or mobile alerts, photo captures.

4. Foscam

It offers you a wide range of IP cameras for convenient outdoor and indoor surveillances. These feeds can be easily accessed using any internet enabled device using your encrypted password. A single network can support up to 9 cameras.

Best For: Home interiors.

Price: Starting at $ 199.99 including iOS and Android apps.

Features: e-mail or cell phone alerts, motion detection, photo capture, pan and zoom.

5. Archerfish

This is a really smart and sophisticated video surveillance monitoring system that offers you two types of packages. One is the Archerfish solo with a single cam and other is Archerfish Quattro with four cameras. The system is intelligent as it analyses the footage before it sends you alerts. You can specify the situation for which the alerts are to be sent. The system will e-mail you short clips on your smartphone itself.

Best For: Outdoor and indoor surveillance.

Price: The solo package starts at $ 349.99

Features: The Archerfish portal can be installed on any computing device, video search engine, SD card storage, HD recording.

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