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Link Building Email Template

The best way to build links is through email outreach, but it’s very time consuming. Get some of the best link building email templates.

With digital age walking in comfortably, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has grabbed a very important part of our daily lives. With there being a severe competition to grab the eye balls of the consumer and, reaching out to him during his searches, SEO is becoming an integral part of every brand.

Emails have always been considered monotonous when it comes to building contacts and making relationships. Same is the case with link building for SEO purposes but, the true fact of matter is that it really works. SEO actually doubles up when link building exercises occur through Emails. Here are a few examples of brilliantly drafted Emails for link building.

Fixing a Broken Link

When you wish to send in an Email as a third person and, wish to state the broken link you could consider the following subject.

Subject: Something wrong with your website

You could write to them by inserting their first name and, eventually talk about the webpage which you felt had a missing link. As an SEO, mention the anchor link too so that he would understand what exactly is wrong with the missing link. You could talk about what you like about the website and, eventually tell him what he could do. This is a way to build in links for your website.

link building email template

Improving Your Website

As an SEO you could probably advice the website owner as to how he can actually improve his website. This is a terrific way of link building through Email. It all lies in how you manage to catch his attention in the first go. So, you need to have an attractive subject line.

Subject: Love your website. (Could write the website name)

Now, you could introduce yourself and, probably say what you love about the website. Once, you have done all of that you could probably provide them with suggestions as to how they can improve their websites. This is a tricky part. You need to hold their attention towards what you are saying. You could also suggest in the process that they should link to your website and, also how it would be fruitful to both of you.

The Pitching Style

Here’s a classic way to link build via Emails. You can pitch in your story ideas. You need to tell them in a classy way how they can build their website a bit stronger with an association with you. You need to give them a few suggestions on linking with you. You could probably use the story telling way to convey what you want to say.

If you wish to convey your words all you need is a catchy subject line. It is the subject line that determines if the person is going to click on the website or not. Once, you have their attention, you need to prolong it by making a killer body. All that would help you convince your audience how effective the exercise of building link with you would be.

Hope this article about link Building Email template helped you.

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