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Link-Building Best Practices after Google Penguin Updates

This article will tell you about link building – best practice any website should follow after the introduction of Google Penguin update.

The penguin is similar to the page rank algorithm which provides a ranking of every website based on link quality, contents and various other factors. The technique behind the working of Penguin algorithm is that it operates by analyzing the inbound profile metrics for finding out “unnatural” activities based on anchor texts.

Google Penguin Update

It will analyze the distribution of anchor text inside the inbound link profile for detecting black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing or meta-tags. So, you should follow the best practices in order to avoid your website getting banned forever.

Provide Quality Content for Users

Always quality content can help you to get good ranking and attract visitors. You should create content which is meaningful, informative and is beneficial for users.

You should not stuff your website with keywords just for the sake of SEO which can only get your website banned by Google. You should have quality inbound links from popular websites in order to increase the ranking. Try to use anchor text, keywords and meta-tags wherever necessary.

Subscribing to High Quality Directories

You should not go to each and every directory in internet and apply for inbound links to your website. You must only subscribe for popular, high quality directory which are of same niche related to your industry.

You should also be able to alter the anchor text of the inbound links from these directories and make sure in contains the relevant keywords associated with your business. It’s been considered that branded link text will be a very good option.

Get Involved in Online Discussions with Social Media

In order to improve the inbound link profile, you should participate in various online discussions taking place in social media and forums. With help of social monitoring tools and Google Alerts, you should try to find out terms associated with your business and monitor the queries posted by various users around the world.

You can get involved in this discussion and post your answers. This can help in improving your credibility as a business and people will start reading blog posts or articles in your website. This can automatically improve your search engine ranking and website traffic.

Google Alerts is a very useful tool to observe for mentions about your company in any other blogs or website. You can try to contact the owner of the website or blog and ask them to add some links to your website.

Differentiate your Anchor Text from Others

You should make sure the anchor text which you use in online directories must be unique and represent the brand of your business. You can also add your website URL to the blog comments and make sure it does not look like spam for the blog administrator or Google. The anchor text should be keyword rich and must indicate a healthy way of link building.


If you know the working of Google penguin algorithm, you can improve the efficiency and SEO of your website through quality link building. Google always check for the credibility of the links and quality link which is important thing to remember for the webmasters. You should follow this approach to improve the SEO of your website.

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