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How Important is a Domain Name

Age of a domain name indicates longevity and as a result, a higher relevancy score in Google. Learn more on how important is a domain name.

There are varied opinions when it comes to the topic of the domain age affecting the SEO ranking. All the web masters and online publishers have their own ideas on this. While there are people who stick to the fact that the domains of seasonal times get good rankings while a few, never consider it a feature for ranking. How far the age can be relied for SEO ranking, is still under debate.

What is the Truth?

Let us take it with some assumptions and find if the instance works out for the domains too. When you are looking for an agent who offers tour plans and acts a travel agent, how will you go for his services? Most of the people look for the years he had been in the industry.  For instance, if there are 2 travel agents, you would naturally opt for the agent who has been in the industry for long years.

The other one, but you know can offer good services will be ruled out for the same reason of lack of experience. When you try to go for a travel agent, after a few months or a couple of years, you naturally will now look that the other agent still is in the market and even think of trying to get the service of this agent, and this is how all business gets trust in the market. This holds truth for all the brands and domains too. When the search engines look for a search result, the domains that are prevalent get the top rankings and the new domains are not much trusted in comparison to the old ones.

The Truth About the Backlinksdoes domain age affect ranking

It is not the age that can honestly add to the value of the domain, but the backlinks can really do that magic of increasing the ranking. The backlinks in the older websites are many because they are earned over the period. However, even the new sites also can have many backlinks. If it is because of the organic fast growth, then the sites get credited with a high ranking. If it has been spamming, then the site is penalized for the same.

In short, rather than the point that the domain or site survives online for a number of years, the sites have natural backlinks that help them getting higher ranking. On the other hand, getting natural back inks in a short period of time is not always possible, but not impossible, for the new domain names and hence the same which is given importance by the search engines, and this is why it is always the old engines are thought to be getting the higher ranks!

The Quality Matters not the Age

In reality, the age of the business and registering the domain name for longer years of age has got nothing to do with the ranking. If you are contradicting this statement, probably you had not heard of what Matt Cutts has said about the same. Matt Cutts says that Google never places emphasis on the seasoned sites or sites that are registered for the domain name for years.

So it is clear that weight age is not placed on the age of the site. By the way, you need to know that Matt Cutts is a very familiar face of Google among the public. It is also stated that search engines like Google and Bing do care a lot about quality and not the number of years, the domain name is registered for and not the number of years, the domain has stayed.


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