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How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

There are various tools that can help you in identifying bad backlinks. This article will guide you on how to remove bad backlinks. 

Removing bad backlinks starts from identifying the issue as the first step. Only when you can identify the bad backlinks you can remove them. Many tools can help you in identifying the bad backlinks. There are tools that are easy to perform this search.

How to Begin with Removing Backlinks how to remove bad backlinks

Then you need to scrape the site for emails. There are tools like scrape box or citation labs. You need to run the domains on them. You need to remember that the scrape box or citation labs do not pick up all the emails you want to.

It is merely a beginning. When you would get few replies from any of these mails, you would save lots of time. You should not try replying any DMCA.

You would end up getting more responses from them. You need to remember scraped emails are not the ultimate way to remove bad backlinks.

You need to try other methods too. They help only as an initial stage. This technique works well if the email id is of a legitimate company. Using mails from popular accounts like Hotmail may actually hinder the process.

Manual Removing of Backlinks

When you feel that the scraped emails do not work well for you, then you should try getting the task done manually. Look for the contact details at the site manually. You can also make use of the phone numbers. You can call the numbers, but it does not give the best approach, as many do not like this.

You can also ask for re-inclusion in Google, even if you have not done so earlier. Still if, you are not removing as much as possible, all you need to do is to repeat the steps repeatedly until you get some good results. Contacting the web host is an option, though it may not yield results for all.

Free Tools to Remove Backlinks

You can also try different methods. You need to contact the webmasters for removing bad backlinks. When you are done with it, you need to track the performance. After you get the results, review them and resubmit to Google. With this, you can request for re-inclusion of your website. There are also other ways involved.

You can sign up for a free trial in few sites. There are tools that can be accessed after you sign up. Most of them can be downloaded as excel files. One example is the Open Site Explorer Tool of the SEOmoz site. Then you need to upload it on the linkdetective, which scans and cleans it up.

In this process, the duplicate links are removed. Duplicate sidebars and footer links are also removed in this process. To know if the links are alive or dead, you can use the backlink inventory to do a scan to check the status.

Collate all the excel files and paste them up in the backlink inventory. You, as a result, get the complete details of the backlinks you needed to remove and their status, which is if they are alive or dead. Sort them into the categories of spam links or paid links etc.

Getting people hired for Backlink Removal

You can hire a person to find the email of the URL. If no contact email is found, you can find the contact form on the website. Then you can make firm requests remove the link from your site. You should make sure that the backlink inventory is tracked in frequent intervals, to see if the links are removed. Tracking all the steps is more important. After this is done, you can request Google to reconsider your website.

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