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Free Blogger Templates 2013 Download

For blogging, templates are suggested to be used so as to give a better look. Get free Blogger templates 2013 download from this article.

Want to start blogging? You might also want to earn through your blog. Here you find the different templates that can help you start a clean and simple blog, with a typical task bar on the home page at top and basic tabs that can help you start an engaging conversation.


This template is an Adsense friendly template which is completely free to use. It is suitable for blogs like tech blogs, magazine and news blogs etc. This template provides you with shadow transitional features and automatic slideshows for your content at the top of your homepage and many other additional useful features.

The key features of this template are

  •  A header banner of size 468 X 96.
  • Slideshow posts which are updated automatically.
  • Small thumbnails that grabs images on their own and even crops them to fit the size.
  • Cool page transition effects, best for WP.
  • At the end of every post, box posts are provided which improves page views.
  • A feed burner subscribes form is provided.
  • Social bookmark options are provided.
  • Comment forms.
  • 2 Column magazine style appearances.
  • Hover shadow effects which look very cool.
Glider V2 Blogger Template


This is another very good free template which has a very cool slider with it. The features of this template are:

  •  3 column magazine style looks.
  • Posts with thumbnail images.
  • Horizontal navigation.
  • This template is widget ready.
  • It is optimized for Adsense.
  • 468 X 60 Adsense ads on homepage banners.
  • 336 X 280 sized Adsense ads in posts.
  • Sidebar exhibits the most popular posts.
  • Most recent posts are displayed on the inner pages.
  • Related posts are also displayed on the inner pages with their respective excerpts.
  • Social bookmarking tools on the sidebar.
  • An integrated Feedburner subscription form.
  • Compatibility with popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.
  • The theme is completely customizable.
  • Auto slide show feature for popular posts.
  • Stylish sidebar tabs for posts and comments.


This is an Adsense and SEO friendly template which you may utilize on your blog easily. The basic features of this template are as follows:

  • A banner below the header of your homepage of size 468 X 96 pixels.
  • Adsense advertisements have been added below the header of size 728 X 90.
  • Sidebar banner ads have also been provided.
  • Slideshow featured posts.
  • Small image thumbnails that grab images and crops them automatically and accordingly.
  • At the end of each post, a related post box has been provided which increases traffic to other posts as well.
  • At Feedburner subscribe form has also been provided with this theme.
  • A comment form is also provided like the one in WordPress.
  • 3 column magazine style looks.
  • Horizontal category navigation.
  • Widget friendly with a tab widget.
free blogger templates 2012


This is a cool newspaper template which gives your blog a cool tabloid like look. This is also one of the adsense optimized templates which will be very useful for your blog. This template includes headline news, popular post widget, a side category for other news display, latest news section, and news can also be categorized. You have recent posts, featured posts and a comments section as well.

The template has 4 columns, 4 column footer and, left and right sidebars. It also supports post thumbnails, social icons and has 2 menu bars as well.


This is an Adsense optimized and an SEO friendly template. It has a nice 3 column magazine style look. The template offers you a 2 column navigation system which can be customized. It has banner ads available in many sizes. It has banner ads in both sponsors section and the recent articles section.

Just post your new posts in the featured labeled sections and they will be exhibited in the featured posts slideshow automatically. The homepage for this theme supports a category thumbnail section and both video and photo gallery which can be easily customized.

You have separate bars for different sections. This template also offers a readers section which has categories like top stories, latest news and readers’ comments.

The template also has a separate featured sponsors section as well.

Go ahead and use any one of the above mentioned most popular free templates to give your blog an exciting new look with a lot of customizable effects to make your blog reflect your personality perfectly. These templates are suitable for both personal and professional blogs and are highly recommended for news blogs specifically.

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