Seth Godin – The ‘One Man Army’ of Blogosphere

Seth Godin

Although Seth Godin is an infrequent and the blogger on this blog, Seth Godin blog still ranks 17 on Technorati as an authoritative and popular blog.

Technorati stats for this year are out…(better elaboration here)

Going by the statistics,top 100 bloggers(or blogging entities) blog 310 posts every month(10+ posts a day).And most of the blogs in the Top 100 list on Technorati are Multi-authored blogs to support such a high frequency of blog posts.

Huffingtonpost, Techcrunch, Mashable and many others follow the same rule of multi-authorship to produce huge quantities of posts everyday.

But there is one exceptional blog(which is not even hosted on a dedicated server) that ranks 17 on Technorati but authored by just one blogger.

That blogger also defies the fact of high frequency of posts(10+ posts) as he posts at a frequency of just one post a day.

He is Seth Godin…The ‘One Man Army’ of Blogophere

So,what are the reasons behind his unusual blog performance….?

We have listed few of them…Take a look !

Bestselling Author

Seth Godin was already a well known personality before starting his blog.He has authored some of the Bestsellers in the field of Marketing such as ‘Permission Marketing‘,’Unleashing the Idea Virus‘,’All marketers are liers‘and many others and therefore commands a strong following in blogosphere as well.

Incomparable content

If you are a technology freak,there are plenty of options in blogosphere to choose from.Similar case with Politics,entertainment and many other areas where specialised bloggers are plenty in number.But Marketing is one area where quality bloggers are relatively scarce and they lack the ability of producing addictive content every other day but Seth Godin.

He’s been exceptional and mesmerising with his content value.The frequency is definitely less compared to other top tier blogs but the content compensates for the low frequency.


He has also been a proud owner of Squidoo,a website where people write about their passions and earn from it as well.Squidoo is a hugely popular website and has millions of visitors coming its way on a regular basis.This gives millions of users another reason to hook up to Seth’s blog.


Bloggers like Seth Godin are unique and exceptional. They can’t exist in the majority and they will keep defying the convention in every field they will get into



  1. Seth Godin

    September 27, 2008 at 4:36 am

    You forgot to mention the cuteness factor.

    • Asim

      June 9, 2012 at 11:58 am

      That is definitely an ineinesttrg approach to advertising, but the question is, will it be worth it from an advertiser’s point of view? As far as I can tell, it’s basically just like Digg, except for the fact that you have to pay in order to submit an entry.What are the direct benefits as opposed to trying to get an article promoted at Digg and Reddit, and who’s to say there won’t be Squidoo Mafia ? I think the first article that promotes the idea of this will surely start to scare away potential advertises.Democracy is great, but when it comes to my own money I’m not sure if it is the best solution. Just look at how much of my earnings I’m already losing thanks to our democratically elected government is already confiscating through taxes

  2. Eve Reid

    October 6, 2010 at 1:31 am

    i don’t use Squidoo anymore, i often use Hubpages to make new articles`-,

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