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How to get Facebook credits for Free

how to get Facebook credits FreeWhen it comes to play a game on Facebook, Facebook credits play a vital role. Here are the methods to help you get Facebook credits for free.

Social networking giant Facebook, is today a hub of online role play and turn based strategy games. Not only does it connect people from various parts of the world in a “fantasy” world, but allows them to connect to each other on a different plane. You can exchange pigs and cows, shoot others down, be a caped crusader and what not. These wannabe farmers and gun toting mafia warlords have a very common question on their minds; how to get Facebook credits free?

People are hooked to games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars with an addiction that could challenge any adrenaline junkie’s love for his dope. This has led to huge demands for free Facebook credits. So what is this entire hullabaloo about?

Let’s take a deeper look to find out.

What are Facebook credits?

People playing games such as Farmville etc. must be quite familiar with this term. Displayed normally on the top-right portion of the Facebook page, these credits can be used in most of the games to buy premium or exclusive items such as weaponry, virtual pets and other miscellaneous supplies which normally would not be available to its players. These permit the purchase of exclusive or limited edition items, instant power-ups, hidden items etc. And as is true, when a person is addicted to a virtual reality he/she has always wanted to live, they could go to any lengths to live it right.

These credits have to be bought from Facebook using credit cards, Paypal etc. before they can be used. The amount of credits one has would then get displayed on the top corner of the app or game which allows the use of such credits. In fact, it is not always necessary that one has to purchase these credits specifically. There are a variety of miscellaneous offers and deals. For example, by buying flowers, or maybe contributing to a cause can result in not only getting your desired gift, but can grant you huge amounts of facebook credits. And it would definitely feel good too.

Reasons for buying Facebook credits 

“Priceless has a price associated with it always”, is a very true statement. Facebook credits are sometimes made available to the general public as “free treats” for some limited times, or maybe given out as loyalty bonuses. But these “limited period” offers are in themselves very rare, and can quickly elude one if he/she is not aware. Thus waiting around for such an offer to come by is not a very good idea. If you are impatient for that limited “mango-flavored” lime on Farmville, it would be better to buy some credits and get it so that you may show it off to your friends. And neither is any risk involved in the purchases, as the Facebook credit purchase is securely looked after by Facebook, and no financial information is ever leaked out.

And also there is always an upper limit on how much credit you get for free. By purchasing the credit, it is you who gets to decide exactly how much credit you want.

In addition to buying Facebook credits, you could also redeem Facebook game gift cards, or earn these credits by completing certain promotional offers by partner vendors.

Getting Facebook credits for free

Sure those Facebook credits can be bought easily. But not all of us are such great Farmville or Mafia Wars enthusiasts, that we will pay for that special colored pig, or the limited edition pistol. We like those items free. What one must understand is that Facebook credits are a sort of online currency. No one hands out money for free. A few weeks ago, the game developers did start giving out some credits for free for promotions, but now everyone wants more and more.

Contrary to what many believe, Facebook credits are NOT ALWAYS available for free through such links. However some games and apps on this social network do hand out a certain limited amount of credit as a token of participation or upon completing tasks within the game.

Below we highlight some of the basic answers to how to get Facebook credits free. However one should keep in mind that these the developers offering them constantly keep changing the offers, so maybe these ways may have been ironed out or stopped by the time you decide to give them a try.

  • Go to Account Setting>Payments. Click on buy more in Credits Balance and then select More Payment Options. In the window, choose Earn Credits. You might see a whole list of signups where you could get credits for downloading software, liking apps etc.
  • In the Facebook search bar, type “HelloCity”; this is a game. All you have to do is finish the first part of the game to earn 5 free credits.
  • By playing “Happy Pets”, you could get 1 credit per day for a limited period.
  • If you like “IMVU” on Facebook, there is a chance that they gift out 500 free Facebook credits. However, this is just a limited period offer, so hurry!
  • Apart from the above mentioned ways, the game developers often provide free credits through promotions, lucky draws, and even when the player levels up.

The craze to get free Facebook credits has led a lot of people into trying out links and spam which promise something like 10,000 Facebook credits for free but actually do something very different and potentially risky for your online security and privacy. So always be on the lookout that you do not fall into these lucrative traps.

But the reality is that there is no free way to get these credits. Handing out free facebook credits initially was just a promotional campaign to draw more and more response to the then-beta Facebook credits campaign. People all over the world seem to have seamlessly adopted this new form of online currency into their lives. And it is about time that we too, instead of waiting for a free offer, which might take ages to arrive, instead invest in it to enjoy its full benefits.

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