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How to Avoid Getting Banned From Adsense

If you are allowing any kind of advertising on your blog then you may get banned. Learn how to Avoid Getting Banned from Adsense.

It is well known that Adsense advertisings get you more visibility on the search engine. This thus also becomes the reason that Google is able to monitor all your activities. Hence if you think that you can manipulate Google’s guidelines for better ratings; then you are wrong.

Any non-adherence to Google’s guidelines increases your chances of getting banned. Once you get a warning or a possible ban implemented then the chances of undoing this is next to nothing. You can avoid being banned by simply following all the instructions of the Adsense team.

1. Never click on your own advertisements:  This may sound like common sense but there are many who cannot hold their curiosity and try to test. What some do not understand is that Adsense statistics do not work in real time and it may take some time for Google to figure out. However, once it gets to know it will not take much time for you to get a warning mail.

2. Do not let your friends and family click on your ads:  Often well wishing friends may do you more harm in their ignorance. So make sure that you instruct your family and friends to not do you this favor which is sure to backfire.

3. Do not ask or motivate others in any way to click on your ads: Google can easily recognize patterns to clicks. If you have had any agreements or motivated others through any reward or gain to click on your ads; discontinue with these arrangements immediately. Buying traffic is also a strict “No”. Such services often use Bots that Google can track very easily. How to Avoid Getting Banned From Adsense

4. Never edit your ad from your website: In order to make any changes you should put in a new code using adsense only.

5. Mind the number of ads on your webpage: Google allows for the placement of only 3 advertisements per page and you should obey this guideline.

6. Do not place ads on blank pages: Ads on pages that are blank or have very little information are not allowed.

7. Your website should clearly state using Adsense in the privacy policy

8. Plagiarism is not accepted:  The content should be unique and generated by you. It should not be a simple copy paste work.

9. Do not let anyone know about your Adsense Income: Google does not like the disclosure of your income from Adsense for Google’s income from potential Adsense advertisers may get hampered.

10. Place Ads on relevant pages:  Income from advertisements is not a new phenomenon. This is the source of revenue of a lot of websites and online businesses including Google. However the content should be sponsored by the ad and not the other way round.

11. Do not hide your ads:  Many page views also get paid. If you think you can increase your earnings by camouflaging ads in the same color as your page think again. This is against the TOS of Google and you can get banned immediately on being caught.

12. Never have ads at the bottom of your page: Since clicks will make you more money it is better to place ads in strategic locations that make for easy viewing.

Remember if you want to make money from Adsense; follow the guidelines and slowly see your income increase. Any manipulation will backfire since Google will always be a step ahead of you.


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