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Find Who is Linking to Your Website with Google Analytics

Keep your self updated and notice every single change of your website. Find who is linking to your website with Google analytics over here.

Incoming links, also called as Back links or inbound links, are incoming links to a webpage or website. These are links received by one web node to another. They are the basic means of navigation to internet. One of the most imperative factors on which the Google Page Rank and organic search ratings depend is inbound link. External links pointing towards the website are considered as “votes” and number of votes is directly proportional to search rankings.

Google Analytics can be used to identify those external websites which are attempting to connect to our home page or any internal webpage.  Links are one among the features that in fact facilitate in perking up how high our website emerges in Google intended for a particular keyword.

To know which websites are trying to link our website is important as if other websites are attempting to link to our website, it is an indication to Google that our website is worth watching and gaining importance. This makes the strength and quality of back links vital for Search Engine Optimization. A series of steps has to be followed to find who is linking to your website with Google Analytics.

find who is linking to your website with google analytics

1st Step: You are required to log on to your account in Google Analytics.

2nd Step: Now click on” Traffic Sources” section placed under STANDARD REPORTS, then expand the Social tab and then select Trackbacks on the left side navigation bar. Trackbacks are warnings sent by Site X to Site Y when Site X tries to link with Site Y’s content.

In the screenshot above, all the inward links connecting to our website can be seen under Analytics Trackbacks report

3rd Step: A record of external web pages is displayed by Google analytics. These external web pages are the ones that have currently connected to any of the website pages on our web domain. The report not only mentions the websites trying to link but also the number of visits generated to our website as a consequence of such inward links.

Note: In order to know the number of new websites connected to our website the last day, we can change the option of Date Range from the current to “Yesterday”. We are free to select custom dates according to our choice. Not only this, we have another option that is “more” where through View Trackback  option, the web page which is trying to link to our web site can be viewed and View Page will enable us to check which page of our website is linked to.

Knowing this is crucial if we are planning to implement a strategy of Content Marketing i.e. making and sharing good quality content frequently, in that case, we certainly desire to attract the links from various websites. Trackbacks will enable us to check whether this strategy is paying rewards or not. We can also check the name of websites which we expect to link for promotion.

Hope this help!

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